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LED is becoming into lighting "potential shares"

  • Author:Eunice
  • Source:net
  • Release on :2016-05-16
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           As the lighting field, an up and comer, the prospect of LED lights is bright, the relevant government departments to vigorously promote the development of LED industry. In 2009, the State Ministry of science and Technology launched called "city of ten million lamp" semiconductor lighting application demonstration city plan, the first phase of the plan in 21 developed cities in the promotion of LED lights, the second stage in 50 cities installed 200 million LED lights, the annual energy saving target of 10 million degrees.
"From the ordinary incandescent lamps to energy-saving lamps, from the energy-saving lamps to the LED lamp, every new products come out, need after a run in period to awareness by consumers, this is a stage of development, LED lighting is no exception." Beijing lighting electrical lighting market, deputy director of the Specialized Committee, said the use of energy-saving lamps instead of incandescent, this process probably spent 3-5 years, with LED lights instead of energy-saving lamps, the process will be faster.

          Ordinary incandescent lamp is lopsided in the consumer line of sight. According to the released by the national development and Reform Commission and other relevant departments "incandescent eliminated roadmap", from October 1 this year banned the import and sale of 100 watt and more than ordinary incandescent lighting, October 1, 2016 banned the import and sale of 15 watt and more than ordinary incandescent lighting. After the elimination of the incandescent lamp, replaced by energy-saving lamps as one of the production materials, mercury is not the degradation of toxic materials, is not conducive to the ecological environment, can not be optimistic about the prospects for its development, more environmental protection, energy saving LED lamp will become the "potential shares", ushered in the rapid development of the spring.
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