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LED intelligent street lamp shipments this year up to 5 times

  • Author:Eunice
  • Source:net
  • Release on :2017-04-29
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    Taiwan-based LED factory light treasure Branch contract "Taoyuan City, mercury street sunset plan - North" project, to provide intelligent street lighting solutions, which participate in Taiwan Taoyuan City, eight German eggplant road widening improvement project was held yesterday (26) ceremony. Light Baoke also pointed out that the growth rate of intelligent street this year is expected to reach 5 times, accounting for about 5% of total street lighting. Everbright LED lights global shipments accumulated more than 1.4 million, in the North American market for the city's first supplier, shipments in China's Taiwan market also ranked the highest in Taiwan.

    Guangbao Branch said that the company for the "Asian Silicon Valley National Team - Wisdom Traffic Group" responsible for the enterprise, the new home for the Taoyuan 5440 intelligent street lamps, are connected to the municipal government management team dedicated to the background management system, Easy to maintain management operations.

    Taoyuan Mayor Zheng Wencan also attended the opening ceremony of the improvement of the completion of the completion of the project in Taoyuan City. He said that this section is the main road connecting Taoyuan and Baode area, and the traffic flow during the peak period is large, , Often caused by congestion and multiple traffic accidents; is expected to be completed after the road can be two-way traffic, while retaining the previous one-way access to the existing section, which can effectively solve the problem of years of congestion in the eggplant road to reduce traffic accidents.

    Light Baoke said that its LED intelligent street lamp lighting energy efficiency is expected to reach more than Qi Cheng, can effectively improve the energy efficiency of urban lighting, but also with street management scheduling, historical records, active dispatch work orders, street lights Detection and other intelligent functions to solve the current stage of urban lighting system management issues; in the LED energy-saving features, some intelligent street lights equipped with high-resolution surveillance cameras, micro-weather stations, PM2.5 detectors, digital billboards And other functions, to provide the general public life and traffic information, but also to monitor the traffic section of the area and the entrances and exits, the road will be lit smart city construction demonstration sites.

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