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LED inside view for this week

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  • Release on :2017-06-19
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▲ hit light sub-show: the traditional "hot" PK niche "hot", LED post-era mode open

The 22nd Guangzhou International Lighting Fair (Guangya Exhibition) kicked off on June 9th. The exhibition for four days, gathered around the world recently from 137 countries and regions, nearly a few hundred thousand viewers. With the LED industry into a stable period, the chip concentration to accelerate the rise of the exhibition gathered in the enterprise to package, lighting mainly in the downstream. Among them, the midstream packaging enterprises exhibitors products, in addition to its own mainstream packaging products, most also show high-margin niche niche market products; and downstream lighting companies, in addition to commercial lighting, industrial lighting, many companies also Start the layout of intelligent lighting field.

▲ 2017 light Asia Exhibition: intelligent / plant lighting high degree of concern, optimistic about the market outlook

June 9, the 22nd Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition (GILE) in the China Import and Export Fair Pavilion opened the curtain, as with the previous, this session of the Asia-Asia exhibition is still crowded. The exhibition covers a wide range of production, technology and applications related to lighting and LED industry, including devices, devices, packaging, and applications. Well-known domestic and foreign companies Career, Seoul Semiconductor, Dow Corning, wood Linsen, Ruifeng photoelectric, Hua Can photoelectric, billion light, the Star photoelectric, Hongli Zhihui, trillion Chi shares, Luminus and so all debut

▲ Taipei International Optoelectronics Week - seminar one by one

The annual Taipei International Optoelectronics Week in June 14 to 16 at the Taipei World Trade Center South Harbor Exhibition Hall in the warm start. This year's exhibition has seven major spindles, namely the International Optoelectronics Exhibition, the plane display exhibition, precision optical exhibition, LED exhibition, solar photovoltaic exhibition, nano technology exhibition and smart car photoelectric exhibition. In the series of seminars, the organizers carefully arranged a variety of technical seminars, mainly divided into ITO automotive optoelectronics, optoelectronics, prospective academic, flat panel display, optical communication, LED, precision optics, nano technology, solar photovoltaic, Factories, health technology, product publishing and business opportunities, the sessions of the 6 / 14-6 / 16 a total of three days by the field of expertise, advanced, analytical and introduction of the latest technology and technology.

▲ Taipei International Optoelectronics Week Seminar 2: UV LED Wisdom Manufacturing, Wisdom Health, Wisdom Medical Innovation Application Seminar

Organizers of one Taiwan Institute of Industry Institute of electro-optical Zhu Mu Road, said the manufacturers in Taiwan is actually quite suitable for the development of UV products, in addition to UV-A products used in the light-cured market, UV-B band with the medical market and demand Innovation, the future of UV-C product technology gradually mature, antibacterial and bactericidal function will bring unlimited business opportunities for the market.

▲ Taipei International Optoelectronics Week Seminar to strike three - wisdom unmanned car and driving support system trends

To 360 interactive visual safety system and millimeter-wave radar integration applications, Dingtian International Chen Junyan, general manager, said the third stage of automatic driving assistance system if achieved, will be able to drive the overall market demand, the current product has been imported into large Bus, the product on the bus around to do precision ranging and correction. The EU will be 24GHz RADAR Bands as a car millimeter-wave radar spectrum, tripod using four-in-one BSD radar technology for data collection, used in the reversing radar market, as a warning and reminder function.

▲ UV LED multiple applications to create business opportunities, 2015-2020 CAGR estimated 34%

2017 Taipei International Optoelectronics Week will debut on June 14, including smart cars, UV LED (UV LED) applications are exhibiting bright spots, set the state LED research center (LEDinside) in the latest release of "2017 UV LED and mold (Equivalent to approximately RMB5.53 billion) in 2020, compared with $ 526 million (equivalent to approximately RMB3,573 million) in 2020, and the output value of the UV LED market will grow to US $ 288 million (equivalent to approximately RMB1.956 billion) in 2017; The annual compound growth rate (CAGR) reached 34%.

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