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LED industry news this week

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  • Release on :2016-08-08
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India lighting products, channels and entry strategy analysis
     LEDinside latest 2016 India lighting market research report pointed out that in 2016 the size of the LED lighting market reached 1 billion 140 million U.S. dollars, the annual growth of 47.1%, is expected to reach 1 billion 715 million U.S. dollars LED lighting market in 2020. For today's LED industry, although the Chinese market is a big cake, but in view of excess production capacity and price competition, to develop new markets is still very necessary. India, as a potential emerging market, has attracted many international leading manufacturers began to attack, and as the next production base. Not only because of China - India preferential tariff policy, but also because of its market itself, the positive stimulus.
Apple, Sony force to push the next generation display technology, LED Micro 2018 is expected to mass production
      Recently, with apple, Sony two manufacturers of micro led the growing importance, has attracted industry have invested, and speed up the commercialization of micro LED production process. Trendforce's under Luneng division ledinside new study pointed out that the 2018 micro LED will be on display of intelligent wearable device production, estimated in 2020 into intelligent mobile phone display applications.
The construction of intelligent street lamps to meet the rapid development opportunities in 2020 China's penetration rate of 40%
      As of last year, the number of smart city construction in China has reached 386, the wisdom of the city by the concept of exploration gradually entered the stage of substantive construction. With the accelerated development of smart city construction, as well as the Internet of things, cloud computing and other new generation of information technology, a wide range of applications, smart street construction will usher in rapid development opportunities. Predicted that by 2020, China's LED smart street market penetration will increase to about 40%.
      LED analysis dry cargo history, status, process and principle in the enterprise
Although MicroLED display has been much enterprises pay attention to and increase research and development, in the specifications also than LCD has multiple benefits, even planning quality can be comparable with the OLED, but at this stage, the display development is not universal. The main difficult point has three aspects: LED solid crystal, LED components, scale transfer.
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