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LED industry bigwigs say so ...2

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  • Release on :2017-06-14
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    At present, there are 300 million sets of street lamps, only 12% of the LED, of which only 2% of the Internet, the future market space is huge. - Philips Shen Xiaohui
At the Guangzhou International Lighting Fair, Philips Lighting Greater China Marketing Manager Shen Xiaohui as "smart city and intelligent Internet lighting," the keynote pointed out that LED nearly two years to show a comprehensive replacement of the traditional light source trend last year, Philips LED sales revenue accounted for More than 50%, the first quarter of 2011 LED-related business more surge 19%, to 61% of total sales.
    Shen Xiaohui said, LED in addition to energy saving, the greater one advantage is digital, can be used as a carrier to achieve the wisdom of the city Internet, the lighting industry will usher in another big change. At present, there are 300 million sets of street lamps, only 12% of the LED, of which only 2% of the Internet, the future market space is huge.
     In an interview with the media, he said that the process of urbanization in the face of a variety of challenges, the lighting industry is facing three major global trends, following the LED, the lighting and usher in a new round of change, the Internet era of online lighting will be wisdom Urban construction to provide what support; future wisdom of the city will show what kind of scene, how to use lighting wisdom, to join the wisdom of urban construction, many lighting manufacturers should think about the subject.
Bai Hong
    Micro LED is not easy to do inexpensive, Micro LED is not lost money can be done, can only be said to be a vision, do not do it to see life. - Bai Hong, chairman of Liao Zongren
    According to the Taiwan media business Times reported that Bai Hong, chairman of Liao Zongren recently pointed out that high-hui photoelectric and most of the same chip factory, put Blu-ray MOCVD manufacturing, but Blu-ray LED has entered the state of irrational competition, and then large capacity can not be damaged , The past few years began to shrink the size of the disposal of equipment, all the gallium oxide production line all the end of the year, the main turn to the infrared LED, four yuan LED, is currently at the edge of loss, due to Cashout not much, drag the profit pressure greatly reduced, Liao Zongren that high-hui photoelectric worst case has passed.
However, because the red LED will use phosphorus, environmental issues, Bai Hong's production capacity has not yet started, the current first with China on the purchase of red LED.
    As for the capital market speculation Micro LED theme, research and development of Liao Zongren also have a special view, he believes that Micro LED is not easy to be inexpensive, is a kind of like LED and LCD technology, small distance display can be regarded as Micro LED predecessor, but even has been into the mass production of small-pitch display, are just to eat niche market, let alone Micro LED, he thinks Micro LED is not lost money can be done, can only be said to be a vision Do not do it out to see life.
    He believes that the table on the packaging plant in the Micro LED on no chance, the production of chip crystal power a little chance, but the investment will be very great.
    Bai Hong's profit through a combination of many niche products, in addition to the cabin lighting SMD module and the project standard, but also contains the printer, sweeping robots, robotic arm, wearing devices, the current infrared LED accounted for 40% Lighting about 20%, the rest are visible light products.
     LED as a subversive light source technology, has completely replaced the traditional lighting technology. Lighting companies need to explore the new value of LED lighting products in order to avoid falling into the price of shopping in the Red Sea. - Ou Pu Lighting Co., Ltd. Director and Deputy General Manager, Chief Technology Officer Qi Xiaoming
     On the development of intelligent lighting, Op Lighting Co., Ltd., director and deputy general manager, chief technology officer Qi Xiaoming said during the light show, for me, now far from real intelligence. At this stage is only the initial intelligence, and even the wisdom of the side are not touched. But I am looking forward to the future of the smart, hoping to be in the end of 2020 or even earlier to achieve intelligence, the real wisdom to show in front of users.
    He pointed out that the current obstacles to the development of wisdom lighting more, of which the most important is the close communication of this part of the agreement tear, such as the current market there are a variety of communication protocols, each have their own way, Causing the manufacturers to provide the platform can not interoperability. Although they have been in the integration, but the current interoperability problem is still to the development of intelligent lighting caused great distress.

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