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LED industry bigwigs say so ...1

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  • Release on :2017-06-14
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     Line to the year, LED industry boom continued to improve, LED upstream chip and the middle of the packaging industry business performance have been greatly improved, some companies even more than six months to complete the full year performance. For the future development of LED industry and business trends, the bigwigs have what kind of opinion?
     Expect Landers to play a more active role in the light and lighting products market, re-create the new world's top three lighting manufacturers in 2 to 3 years, bringing better lighting products and better brands to consumers around the world. - Lin Lingsen executive general manager Lin Jiliang
     In the light of the Asian exhibition, Landes Vance media conference, the implementation of the general manager of the forest Lin Sen Lin Jiliang from the "Landerson status" "Langdansi future development direction" and so on. Founded in 1997, the company focused on the LED packaging business, starting from 2011, with the advent of LED lighting era, Mu Lin Sen began to extend down to the light source / lighting business, want to build their own lighting brand. 2012 - 2015, Wood Linsen in the domestic lighting brand layout was impressive, but in foreign countries, only in some countries and regions have gains, the current global has more than 5,000 distribution outlets, more than 100 agents, each Month LED light source production and sales have more than a few million.
    Lin Jiliang frankly, in North America, Europe and other mature markets, to precipitate a well-known brand is not an easy task, in 2015, when that there is a good opportunity to sell Landers, Mu Lin Sen after the selection of a positive Participation, after more than two years of successful acquisition of LEDVANCE. In the future, Wood Lynn will be from the advantages of their own light source, and Landers in the light source and more lighting applications and other aspects of product development, the future, Wood Linsen and Landers will be the world's lighting companies to bring more refreshing Products, higher quality brand products.
    LEDVANCE will continue to invest in future technologies, expand product boundaries, and expand into professional lighting and smart home markets while strengthening existing core light sources. - Langdans Asia Pacific and Middle East CEO Joseph Martin
     "We have a perfect complementary relationship with Woodson, and we hope that we will work together in product quality, manufacturing and distribution, sales organization and brand collaboration, through the use of special brands," said Joseph Martin, CEO of Landersville Asia Pacific and Middle East. Occupy all market segments, and hope that Landwans will be the largest brand in our customer lighting business, through continuous efforts to open up new markets, gain market share and develop new customers.
     According to Mr. Martin, OSRAM brand was founded in 1906, in the international lighting market has been plowing 100 years. After welcoming Woodson, the Chinese shareholder, Landwans will write a glorious history. Joseph said that Landers Vance relies on a strong brand advantage, through different product brands and product portfolio to develop new lighting business. In the light source and LED lighting part, Landers will continue to follow the OSRAM brand, and in the OTC lamps are used LEDVANCE brand.
     For future product strategy, Mr. Martin said, LEDVANCE in strengthening the existing core light business, will continue to invest in future technology, expand product boundaries, to the professional lighting and smart home market expansion.
    The future of intelligent lighting has a broad space for development. At the same time, interoperability, privacy and security of the current industry is facing two major problems. - OSRAM Chen Wencheng
     In the "OFweek 2017 China Intelligent Lighting Industry Development Summit", OSRAM Opto Semiconductors Solid State Lighting China Senior Application Technology Manager Chen Wencheng made "LED intelligent lighting prospects and solutions," the keynote speech. He said LED for intelligent lighting and health, but the core of the lighting or to people-oriented.
     According to him, OSRAM Opto Semiconductors is consistent, positioning accurate market leader, OSRAM is widely used in the market, including in the field of automotive lighting, general lighting market. Dr. Chen pointed out that the LED in the lighting application has been developed by the decorative entertainment -> outdoor lighting -> home lighting -> commercial lighting -> innovative application of the development process, but the future of interconnection lighting and beyond lighting will become a trend. He revealed that LED intelligent interconnection lighting is the strategic direction of OSRAM.

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