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LED graphene students with it?

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  • Release on :2016-10-31
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     Due to the highly symmetrical lattice structure, the mobility of Graphene internal carriers is 15000 cm2 / (vs), and experiments show that this mobility is almost independent of temperature, indicating that Graphene mobility is still affected by room temperature Impurities or defects, the carrier mobility can be increased by increasing the crystal quality (up to 100000 cm2 / (vs)). These characteristics lay the foundation for the application of Graphene in future electronics.

     Therefore, the most important application field of graphene is the combination of traditional micro-processing technology, various devices (p-n junction, field-effect transistor, single-molecule detectors, etc.) have been experimentally realized, Graphene reflect the huge application potential.

     Although Graphene has a wide application prospect in microelectronics, nanoelectronics, spin electronics, energy storage and so on, it is still a problem to get lots of high quality samples of Graphene.

     The Graphene obtained by the micro-mechanical cleavage method is strongly dependent on the graphite used, and the largest area available at present is only in the order of micrometers, and the efficiency is low and it is difficult to be used in the industry. Graphene obtained by the decomposition of silicon carbide has a large number of defects , The transition metal Graphene surface growth of Graphene and so difficult for the separation of the industrialization of the problem. Graphene preparation methods still need to be further improved, to mass production may be thorny.

     On the graphene and LED, six years ago to get the Nobel Prize for graphene, a lot of people do LED graphene LED chip and heat used in the field and wrote a lot of patents, because it is excellent thermal conductivity and electrical conductivity , Of course, its high transmittance properties of high transparency, so I see a lot of graphene on the LED patent is transparent conductive layer and thermal technology.

    Graphene may be a very good thermal material, but with the current technology and cost of LED will be very wasteful, is currently used in the transparent conductive layer on the chip is wasted, unless there is a breakthrough in production technology, so that the cost of graphene coating Reduced to almost ITO, so perhaps because of its superior characteristics to replace the current process is not impossible. Similarly used in LED heat dissipation material as well. I think the LED chip is more likely to use faster.
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