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LED filament lamp: technology to mature, the market concentrated in Europe and the United States

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  • Release on :2016-07-15
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      LED filament lamp is a cross-border products, both energy saving lighting function, but also highly decorative. For a long time, the lamp is suffering from heat radiation, low power and high prices, which is the reason why it has not been optimistic about the market for a long time. Until 2015 in the second half of the year, LED lamp filament technology bottleneck with the linear constant current drive IC intervention is broken, coupled with the chip, package device, phosphor, substrate materials and equipment gradually mature matching, the development of filament lamp rose to new stage.
      For example Linsen has crystal Electric Cooperative R & D new technical solution, find the filament done cheaper way to break through, for example, the bulb shell with glass mold, the lighting can light the whole week performance, and cost structure can also the cheapest.
     Linsen executive general manager of Lin Jiliang is very optimistic about the LED filament lamp. He thinks led filament lamp has four major advantages: 1, due to the full week light emitting device package, a optical loss is smaller, so led filament lamp of high light effect; 2, led filament lamp filament that for a full week light, secondary optical light distribution cost reduce; 3, LED lamp filament that relies on gas cooling, so hardware plastic instead of glass; 4, LED lamp filament can by HV line structure to achieve the simple dimming function.
    At present, the demand of LED filament lamp is mainly concentrated in Europe and America and so on, mainly used to replace the incandescent lamp. In the future, the need for energy, full angle, retro performance of the majority of consumers, which will bring business opportunities for large-scale enterprises. LED filament lamp in the decoration of the function will be more widely attention, enterprises need to meet market demand for R & D and production.
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