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LED enterprise's way of life: quality and profit

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  • Release on :2016-08-18
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      In recent days, electric lighting dark horse "the collapse of a" maxed out my circle of friends. In the sigh, the heart unavoidably uneasy: environment has been slow to improve, who can know the next exit wave in the industry will be who?
      Market like battlefield, a collapse of insider evaluation remarks flying all over the sky, aside from the vicious competition, we should concern the events industry to bring enlightenment: the lighting industry, and the rationality of pure electric business platform. According to Alibaba insiders analysis, relative to clothing, daily necessities and other industries, lighting in the electricity business platform share is very small; low frequency properties of lighting products, the second purchase cycle is long. In addition, taking into account the transport and consumer psychology, online sales of lighting products are mostly below 1400 yuan, more than the price of the product is almost possible transaction.
Quality and profit are the way of life
      Therefore, the proportion of small, two times the purchase rate is low, profit limited has become the three major bottleneck of LED lighting products online sales. Then, we look at the various marketing costs online platform. Although business shop looks very easy, a small office and warehouse can maintain the network's daily operations, but in fact, website operation expenses spending and taxes than the store did not reduce: staff salaries, cost of production, promotion expenses, material flow cost, daily office work and management expenses, after-sale loss cost, platform commissions, a single brush costs, all add up to account for the cost of 40% or even more. If you want to impulse, promotion expenses increased by at least 30%, coupled with the downturn in the market environment, the price war fighting, let originally the small business enterprise more uncomfortable, kill a thousand, since the loss of eight hundred.
How to break through the three major bottlenecks
     At the same time, because there is no high profit support, electricity suppliers in the product quality, after-sales service and other aspects of no guarantee. Online platform to rely on low price to erode the low-end consumer market, consumers in addition to buy that moment is happy, after every day is painful. In addition, the company's own operations, long-term low profit or even loss, so that the ability to reduce the risk of the enterprise is very low. According to statistics, the current middle class group accounts for about 100 million people, to 2020 is expected to reach 6-7 million people. Thus, the quality of consumption, product is the future development trend of the future market.
Cheap goods, buy when it is happy, and after the purchase it?
      Whether it is a physical store or business enterprise, there is no way out without profit. A lamp, hundreds or even more than 1 thousand parts, hundreds of processes, the current average gross profit is only 30-50%, how can support the national channel costs and brand publicity costs? Lighting products to rely on the size of the type of products to improve the cost; and a wide range of lighting accessories, a single enterprise sales are generally not high. So to do fine, make profit, not simply to glass, metal, wood and other raw material costs to determine the lighting of the price, and should be through design innovation, artisan spirit, cultural and creative, brand enhance its additional value.
Additional value lies in the knowledge of property and brand service
All in all, the quality and profit is the way to survive.
      Pure electronic business platform for the development of the road is more bumpy, because it is only the pursuit of rapid development, but there is no support for quality and profit, the enterprise can not long survive. The Internet in the lighting industry, should not compete with the store to grab the passenger, should be as the store front line, play its powerful function of drainage, to store the line focus on quality, to maintain a reasonable profit space, pay attention to the long-term development of the enterprise, the line of their duties, it is the best way of Internet + mode.

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