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LED electronic screen show the largest scale apology in Shanghai: Dad, I'm sorry.

  • Author:Eunice
  • Source:net
  • Release on :2015-12-26
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          December 24, a letter of apology only written, "Dad, I'm sorry", four characters of discovered. on LED screen on North Bund of Shanghai international port center building. the LED screen 78 meters wide, 88 meters high, to reach 6864 square meters area, several characters full of them, called the largest scale in the history of the apology. Apology letter once played, will lead to people have stopped watching, passers-by have speculated that what people so rich self released this letter of apology? Did something wrong to apologize to the father in this way?
          Hot quickly spread to the Internet, with the speculation, the event Shimoyuanyou has finally surfaced. According to a reluctance to disclose the name of Mr. reflect, the apology is his friend, because the usual busy work, has no new year for three consecutive years to go home with his parents, his father was very angry, often complaining about the. phone. Recently several people just watched the movie, friends of the children home to accompany his father's plot with deep feeling, feel very unworthy of her father, a whim, take this Christmas and new year occasion, under the North Bund International Port center building led and. played "Dad, I'm sorry, the words, for all not in Shanghai home reunited with their parents father to apologize.
          For this approach, passers-by divergent views, it is considered purely in the hype, Ms. Choi said that there is in the Bund to do this whole screen advertising money is not as good as the parents received around to the new year, or. go out to play a circle, more than this apology came ". Also said it was very moving, very warm, very able to represent the aspirations of the white-collar workers in the city. Passers by Mr. Tan said that he later graduated. from the Shanghai five years a year back home is 2-3 times, a year at home to accompany parents time of no more than 20 days, parents and the more understanding and support, oneself more is feel unworthy of their parents, but not the. right opportunity expression, the passing the Bund just shoot the ad, sent my parents, through this event to the parents to speak their mind.
           With the acceleration of the urbanization process in China annually a large number of young people flow into the city, especially the first and second tier cities in which hard, dream. But at the same time, also left a large number of Empty Nester at home waiting for, every day looking forward to the return of children. The Chinese New Year is around the corner, no matter this year how, whether rich without money. Traditional Chinese is to return home for the new year. I hope you usually busy, also want to catch in the national reunion of the moment to go home early, family reunion, let home waiting for the parents no longer lonely, if for some reason, really can not go home. Do not forget to call parents, apologize, reported a safe, said a sentence: all is well.

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