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LED electricity suppliers in the initial stage

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  • Release on :2016-06-22
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      Due to the rise of Internet consumption and fierce competition in the electricity business, many industry electronic business platform sprung up, in the integration of the industry's resources but also to many companies to bring new business opportunities. In addition to Tmall, Jingdong and other traditional electronic business platform, for the lighting industry, there are a lot of exclusive platform.
      At present, most of the LED lighting business, the establishment of the flagship store on the mature business platform, which is more a kind of image display, can not become the only way to achieve sales. Because the cost of electricity suppliers are very high, including publicity costs, activities, such as the cost of operations. In fact, the enterprise in the primary input output is not proportional to the normal phenomenon.
      Now is not only the lighting business, a lot of dealers are doing business. The future of online wholesale channels and traditional wholesale channels will gradually merge together, but also speed up the convergence speed. Enterprises should take the benchmark of the flagship store, the rapid promotion of corporate brand, and then can go to the new exclusive platform for the development of online dealers. If the integration of these resources, to achieve an organic combination of online and offline, this may be the future development trend of lighting electricity suppliers.
      At present in the Internet wave, the electricity supplier has penetrated into all walks of life, industry manufacturers on the electricity supplier's attitude is not the same, from the beginning of the exclusion, to be forced to accept, and then to the warm embrace. Such as 2015 "double 11", Op lighting to 1.218 billion yuan of sales myth, once again let the electricity industry has become the focus of public opinion, and in all have been involved in the business, the huge pressure of competition let many enterprises and tired. No matter what kind of channel mode to take, mainly to see what products to sell, but also to be based on the local consumer habits to do promotion.
      Currently LED lighting industry due to the lack of market supervision, corporate cohabitation, excess capacity, electric shock, as businesses pull banners resist lighting city this phenomenon. Business is not good to do, directly mapping out the problems arising from the industry. But from the point of view of the trend of the industry as a whole, the influence of the chaos of the industry in the future will be more and more small, because with the mature market, the pursuit of the quality of the products will be more and more high, and overall strength of the enterprise will also improve the corresponding, so this is an inevitable process of development.

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