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LED display manufacturers application areas

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  • Release on :2016-10-25
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      LED display manufacturers in recent years, technological progress for all to see. However, the domestic LED lighting products in the development process, many companies lack a scientific attitude, no in-depth study, just a simple imitation of traditional products, product homogeneity in the product does not meet the technical requirements and the use of requirements, the quality of instability The case will put products on the market, resulting in many unnecessary losses and negative effects, is an indisputable fact. LED lighting industry has brought a revolution, the future of LED lighting has become the mainstream of the industry consensus. As long as the LED manufacturers to strengthen investment, establish a sound detection system, strengthen research and innovation, to understand the LED luminous characteristics, fully understand the standard, understand the use of environmental lighting requirements, understand the user needs, will be able to use LED lighting industry development Strong, for the future of China's lighting industry in the field of international lighting to become a powerful contribution

     China's LED display industry in the scale of development at the same time, product innovation and technology innovation, and constantly adhere to the level of progress than the older generation. At the beginning of the 90's will have a 16 gray grayscale video control technology and wireless remote control and other advanced technology, in recent years in full-color LED display, 256 gray video control technology, scattered group wireless control, Multi-level group control technology and other aspects of the domestic advanced and reached the international Flame of the technology and product presentation; LED display master public large-scale integrated circuits have also been domestic production and production enterprises to be used.

      In short, with China's LED lighting products, the growing international competitiveness in the future, should be more inclined to enhance the core competitiveness of the industry to enhance the international competitiveness of products. Breakthrough in the core technology industry, we must also recognize that China's economic development is not balanced in the status quo and the unlimited labor supply of natural resources, to develop labor-intensive LED lighting manufacturing enterprises, continue to maintain our international competitiveness in such products Advantage. LED products, the five major application market in the past few years, the Beijing Olympic Games, the Shanghai World Expo, Guangzhou Asian Games, and even last year's Shenzhen Universiade LED pocketed the people's eyes, whether LED lighting, or colorful LED display, The perfect show. Emerging applications in the emerging market, driven by rapid increase in recent years, LED market size. Now LED products are more and more, not limited to LED lighting and LED display, applications are more extensive and segmentation. 1, sports stadium LED today, the application of the market we can be divided into six major markets to analyze. The first is the LED display applications. LED display is the main application market, especially full-color LED display applications increased.
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