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LED display can not be ignored in the matching products to truly reflect the system

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  • Release on :2017-05-24
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    Manufacturing industry has always been known as the "mother of industry", look at the global LED display industry, China is also a well-deserved LED display manufacturing power. Even in the development of these years, China's LED display is also rewriting the world LED display industry pattern. In this process, not only rely on application products bear the brunt of the display matching products also play a very important role. As we all know, China's LED display industry started relatively late, these years have been catching up also achieved remarkable results. And, in the country's favorable policies and market potential gradually released the moment, LED matching equipment also accelerated the upgrading and optimization of the industry.

    At present, China's LED display supporting product supply chain is very wide and complete, from the box to the screw, etc., have a system of industrial chain. And some of them with some sense of innovation and application development ability of strong enterprises. But in general, the total number of supporting enterprises in China is not much, LED display in recent years the development and broad market is gradually attracting more manufacturers to join the LED display industry chain. Market competition gradually increased, but also to enhance the sense of competition in the enterprise, R & D in the product to strengthen the LED display manufacturers with the close combination of LED display manufacturers to provide a more technical content and more competitive products. To promote the entire LED display technology and product innovation on the development. With the development of supporting enterprise technology and quality improvement, but also for the LED display to provide a strong backing to jointly promote the industry's progress.

     With the LED display application scene gradually expanded, the customer's product demand has also changed. In the choice of products more inclined to meet their own diversified, personalized needs. Among them, LED display box in the entire supporting equipment occupies an important position. LED display box material is widely used, the general for the iron box, high-end can be used die-casting aluminum, stainless steel, carbon fiber, magnesium alloy and nano-polymer materials. The box plays a vital role in the application of the entire display terminal. Protect the inside of the electronic components from the external environment of interference, and for the protection of components has a good protective effect. At the same time, because it is working in high temperature environment, a good box material selection can reduce the use of temperature in the process of the impact of components. As the display is composed of multiple boxes of stitching, box material selection will also affect the flatness of the LED display, so the role of the box in the display is also obvious.

     In recent years the development of display technology, LED display manufacturers on the box requirements are gradually improved. LED display supporting manufacturers through their own technology research and development and innovation introduced a carbon fiber LED display box, magnesium alloy LED display box, nano-polymer materials, such as LED display box. From the original iron box, to the die-cast aluminum box and the current carbon fiber box, LED display innovation and progress are inseparable as a supporting product manufacturing enterprises efforts.

     LED display in the entire production costs, the cost of the border is about 3% to 5%. Although the proportion is not high, but to a large extent determine the appearance and grade of LED display. Therefore, as a manufacturer of LED display frame in the product research and development if there is no hard work, can not show high-grade results. Industrial aluminum is now a more common material in social production, in the aviation, construction, condenser, automotive parts and LED applications have a wide range of applications. LED display aluminum applications in a wide range, and market share is to achieve a high share of LED advertising display screen to become an important new material. This is also to LED display equipment manufacturers supporting the development of new business opportunities.

     Traditional LED display frame surface for the conventional black electrostatic powder coating process, through the LED display in recent years, enterprise R & D and process improvement in the market launched in the silver electrophoresis and electrophoresis gold border, a change in the past LED display frame simply use black The situation. In the appearance of the formation of the difference, to enhance the quality of the product, but also get a good feedback from end users.

     LED display in the field of supporting the connector is a small and sophisticated devices, its quality is supporting the LED display equipment manufacturers focus. At this stage of the connector industry does not exist the absolute advantage of the connector in some areas of segmentation, but also to achieve high-end adaptation. As each customer needs are not the same, for this, LED display supporting production enterprises according to market demand, the use of professional R & D team developed a customized products. Through the supporting enterprise R & D and production, for the display business in the current competitive market conditions to save about 5% of the cost, and through technological innovation, these connectors to achieve a board-to-board link, greatly facilitate the LED display Disassembly process. In recent years, LED rental display sudden emergence of these technological innovations to effectively solve the installation of inconvenience, maintenance and other issues. At the same time this is the future direction of the connector.

     Above we concluded that: LED industry is developing rapidly, the current large and small LED display manufacturers countless. This oversupply situation, and gradually highlight the brutal aspects of competition in the industry, in recent years, some LED manufacturers fall, it is a sign that the LED industry will once again face a major reshuffle. Of course, want to improve the efficiency of production must have the skills as a tough backing. LED supporting the future development trend will be more and more convenient.

     In the case of market competition situation is not optimistic about the speed of winning product research and development and innovation counterparts shopping malls such as the battlefield, the law of the jungle. The success of a business, in addition to a correct direction of development, must have a certain core competitiveness. Enterprises in the same industry to remain competitive and able to share market share, we must continue to develop new products, and quickly to the market, to meet the changing market demand. If the new product can not successfully occupy the market, it will enable enterprises to lose market share, and ultimately lose profitability and competitive advantage.

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