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LED display can also wear on the body, and very comfortable

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  • Release on :2017-06-10
     Shenzhen Risen OTPO CO.,Ltd,led RGB light supplier in china,led outdoor lighting suppliers,led lamp fixtures supplier

     This year CES Asia has a full personality Super T-shirt, which is a flexible full-color LED display screen and clothing integration of wearable products. People who wear can show themselves, express feelings and ideas, and thus form a new social way.

     What can this T-shirt do? There are four main aspects: pattern DIY, through the APP custom pattern; time display, to real-time display of the current time; fun interaction, can constantly update the supplementary pattern package; social interaction, with friends to create patterns.
     T-shirt pattern material library can be free to change the chest pattern

     At present, smart watches, smart wristbands, smart running shoes have been in-depth our lives, the wisdom of the textile market is much slower, which has a certain degree of acceptance of consumer relations, but this led display clothes are now Performance has been applied more and more, with the passage of time, this art is more people to accept.

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