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LED chip offer pick up?

  • Source:net
  • Release on :2016-06-24
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     The report pointed out that foreign LED price has rebounded, with prices stabilized after operation is helpful to go Yang in the third season season. It is understood, lighting applications price performance although only steady but there is still pressure decline, showing only short-term stable flat phenomenon but manufacturers think if factory brand once again resorted to price war, follow-up is still the possibility of depreciation, and the application of the other new is in high additional value, good price.
     In response to foreign claims, crystal electric said that is not a comprehensive product prices have room for price increases, especially in Chinese chip factory continued to open new capacity, because of China's world into 9 LED lighting fixture manufacturing production, so LED lighting chip prices just never fell, showing were flat bottomed, but as long as the supply is still greater than the demand, in the future there is still the possibility of falling; crystal electric to disperse layout adjust product structure from lighting devaluation pressure. This season has seen success.
      Foreign pointed out that Sanan blue LED chip prices in May to 10% hike, and China Canjing piece of the price also simultaneously hike close to 1% of the amplitude, with crystal electric capacity after freezing indeed price turned for the better, the land also sync up to increase the price; wafer plant synchronous price hikes have help for illumination profit positive, crystal electric currently Blu ray proportion of revenues still amounted to 60% to 70%, the price of aid to the operation of positive.
     Sanan optoelectronics "since the beginning of May, part of LED chip prices has risen 10%" message, according to ledinside asked, Ltd. San'an reply is, they did not large-scale price hikes. But some Chinese chip makers as part of the LED chip items have small amplitude hike, mainly because of the second part of the packaging manufacturers in order to ensure the supply of goods, so would prefer to use a higher price in getting goods to market.
      But ledinside from Huacan relevant responsible person confirmed, Huacan some varieties of products have price hike, and because customers worried about tight market supply and demand, in order to obtain a more stable supply of chips and offered price, Huacan itself and not the full price of the plan.
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