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LED chip market continues to improve, the enterprise 2017 annual production capacity is expected to

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  • Release on :2017-06-05
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     Recently, Ouyang Shunchang in the investor relations platform, said the company's LED production is growing, the current monthly production capacity has reached 600,000 or so, the specific data, please report the company regularly.

    At present, the Australian Ocean Shunchang LED business mainly engaged in LED epitaxial wafers and chip manufacturing, and ultimately sell products for a variety of LED chips, used in the field of semiconductor lighting, LED chip sales customers for the downstream LED packaging business.

    Ochang Shunchang has become a large chip industry manufacturing enterprises, profit performance is particularly good.

    2016, LED chip market has experienced integration and reshuffle, industry concentration has been further improved, the market structure is more healthy and reasonable. LED industry demand continues to grow, with the industry consolidation in an orderly manner, the chip prices from the bottom of the first quarter gradually higher, the market as a whole pick up, the price gradually returned to a reasonable level, which also brought the second half of the chip business performance contribution Much higher than the first half.

     It is understood that the Australian Ocean Shunchang in 2016 LED production line to maintain a full capacity to run, the annual output of 2-inch chip equivalent to 2.0 million tablets, the product performance, quality and yield in good condition.

     Into 2017 years later, LED chip market continues to improve.

    (Figure 2) began to put into operation, as of the end of the first quarter, its LED chip to produce more than 400,000 (equivalent to two-inch film), the chip A substantial increase in production capacity is expected in 2017 the end of the second quarter production capacity will reach 600,000.

    In fact, the Australian Ocean Shunchang since the second half of 2016 to speed up the LED epitaxial wafers and chip industry expansion project construction rhythm, the relevant equipment from November 2016 began to arrive and install the commissioning, the first quarter of 2017 began to gradually release Production capacity, 2017 chip production capacity is expected to reach 80,000 per month scale, to achieve the scale and profitability in the LED chip industry in the forefront.

     It is worth mentioning that the wood Lin Sen to increase the company to the upstream LED industry chain extension efforts, in December 2016 to its own funds to the Australian Ocean Shunchang subsidiary Huai'an Ouyang Shunchang replenishment of 500 million yuan.

    The replenishment, the wood Lin Sen according to market price priority procurement Huai'an photoelectric production of LED chips, Huai'an photoelectric production of LED chips by market price priority.

    At the same time, after the completion of investment, the company through the strategic investment to the upstream LED industry chain extension, to further improve the company's industry chain layout planning.
    2017 Australian Ocean Shunchang new capacity project construction, the existing capacity to quickly upgrade to 800,000 per month, to achieve the company's business scale and profitability upgrade. At the same time, to maintain the high efficiency of epitaxial wafers and chip production capacity.

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