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LED ceiling lamp how to do bad how to repair?

  • Author:Eunice
  • Source:net
  • Release on :2017-04-27
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    The advantages of LED lights here do not go into details, this article specifically analyze the problem of LED solution.
    The method described below can be used on most of the LED lamps, LED lighting because the principle is similar, are LED light source + drive power + shell composition.
LED ceiling lamp is broken
    Led ceiling lamp is broken, do not shine how to do it? (LED lights technical support WeChat: Hobrled, have time to try to deal with)
LED ceiling lamp is not broken also points a variety of situations, to know the reasons for bad, we must first understand the structure of ceiling lamps, the following figure is the ceiling of the structure, very simple. Then the following Hong Bang take you step by step analysis of the reasons for the bad knives and the minimum loss of the treatment. The following is the most commonly used circular ceiling lamp, for example, some users may have a square or rectangular, the principle is similar, according to the following method to check the reasons for bad.

     If the led ceiling light is simply a light does not light up, may lead to bad reasons:

     Replace the method is very simple, first of all to cut off the power to prevent security incidents, and then open the lamp cover, remove the inside of the light board, and then put on a new on it.
     If the led ceiling is just outside the lampshade rupture or fall, in the case of power off, the shade removed, if the broken powerful, you can go to the market to re-select a suitable size of the shade, you can. Led ceiling lamp if the good care, the use of life is a long time, the presence of the shade is to add a layer of protective layer for the wick, the wick through the lampshade, can prevent ultraviolet light, to prevent the humid air.
Although the LED ceiling light close to the ceiling, but when the lights still some electromagnetic reaction will absorb the dust in the air. The light will also attract mosquitoes into the shade, so remember to keep the clean home environment, clean up the lamps and prevent the lights from getting darker. Usually should regularly check the lamp, if the lamp foot contact bad or starter loosening, etc., should be timely re-installation and adjustment.
    When installing the LED ceiling lamp, take into account the roof of the home, if it is masonry roof, to use embedded bolts, or with expansion bolts, nylon plugs, plastic plugs and other fixed, can not use wood wedge. Usually do not hang too much ornaments on the lamps, or more than carrying capacity will fall to hurt.
LED ceiling lamp structure, material technology and cost of revealing 
LED ceiling lamp purchase tips, structure and installation instructions 

     The traditional ceiling lamp transformation LED ceiling lamp method
There may be old-fashioned traditional ceiling lamp is broken, which is the traditional energy-saving lamp, then you do not have to buy energy-saving lamp, and do not need to buy a new ceiling, LED ceiling lamp conversion kit can be installed in your original suction Dome light, convenient, simple and energy saving, the following talk about the traditional energy-saving ceiling lamp into LED ceiling lamp method.
Before the transformation of the first power to cut off (note that the line of fire and the zero line must be cut off), to ensure that there is no electricity on the ceiling to avoid the risk of electric shock.
    Ceiling lamp transformation flow chart
    First win the lamp shade to win, cut off the line of fire and ground, remove all the lamp inside the lamp foot (deck) and ballast, only the bare metal chassis. And then put the beads were installed in the LED light board and drive power, and then to the empty one of the ceiling of the lamp on a suction, connected to the line of fire and ground, installed lantern shade, great service will be completed, the installation of all Completed, can be lit up.

    LED ceiling lamp maintenance method
    First of all, to buy back the lights, the first not to be busy installation, should be careful to see the signs and read the installation of the use of imitation, and then according to the rules of a single installation, the use of lamps, or there may be risks.
Second: according to the logo of the light source parameters in time to change the aging of the lamp, found at both ends of the lamp red, black tube or a shadow, the lamp does not jump, it should promptly change the lamp to prevent the occurrence of ballast Burned and so disaffected by the phenomenon;
     Third: in the clean maintenance should be careful not to change the structure of the lamp, do not arbitrarily change the lamp parts, after the end of the clean maintenance, should be installed as is the lamp, do not miss, misplaced lighting parts;
Fourth: in the use of LED lamps as much as possible not to switch again and again, which will greatly shorten the life of LED lighting.
    Cleaning the shade can be carried out according to the material. If it is glass, you can use a small soft cloth carefully scrub, or dip toothpaste clean. If it is crystal shade, you can use neutral detergent cleaning. Lamps above the dirt clean, you can first remove the dust on the surface, and then dip the toothpaste with cotton cloth, do not let the water left in the lamp holder.
    When scrubbing the LED ceiling, you should use a light cotton sock or a cotton glove in your hand, gently wipe the lamp, do not move the lamp inside the parts. If you want to clean their own ceiling, then, must have two people with, first turn off the power, but also pay attention not to use a damp cloth to wipe the lamp holder, easy to cause leakage.

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