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LED bulb price gap cause?

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  • Release on :2017-06-05
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    With the LED technology continues to mature, LED energy-saving lamps prices lower year after year, but compared to fluorescent energy-saving lamps, LED bulb lighting prices are still about 3 times the price gap. This is relative to ordinary home users, the price gap is still very fatal, after all, home users for LED bulb energy saving this advantage is not sensitive, want to popularize LED bulb in the consumer, the price is a big pass.

      After investigation, at this stage of the provincial capital of the lamp sales situation, the market is still fluorescent energy-saving lamps as a leading, sales accounted for about 80%, while the incandescent lamp is about to be eliminated 10% of the share, while the emerging LED energy-saving lamps are only only 2% -3% of the sales amount. Although many people have begun to understand the LED bulb lamps, but the price is still high, so consumers desire to purchase is not large.
     Traditional incandescent (tungsten light) high energy consumption, short life, in the global environment under the tight environment, has been gradually banned by the production of government, followed by alternative products are electronic energy-saving lamps, although the electronic energy-saving lamps to improve energy efficiency , But because of the use of a lot of pollution of the environment of heavy metal elements, but also contrary to the general trend of environmental protection. With the rapid development of LED technology LED lighting has become the new green lighting choice. LED in the light principle, energy saving, environmental protection level are far superior to traditional lighting products.
      With the chip costs and power costs continue to decline, LED bulb lighting prices will continue to decline, but I plant technology manufacturers do not want to abandon the quality of the case of low prices to the impact of the market, this will only play the anti- Effect, the state government will also introduce the relevant industry standards in the near future to regulate the current low-cost low-grade products, we believe that there are many advantages of LED bulb lamps in the near future spread to millions of households.

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