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LED brand building is not easy for the company to think twice

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  • Release on :2016-10-20
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     The current LED display industry is growing from maturity to maturity of the stage, more and more serious product homogeneity, the growing trend of globalization is becoming increasingly clear, more and more detailed division of the market, new companies continue to join the new technology LED display industry has become increasingly competitive white-hot. The philosophy of thinking is the development of any thing has two sides, there is competition, and that the inevitable opportunities coexist, which, at present, with the LED core technology has been conquered, LED display has been further improved, LED display More and more widely used in indoor and outdoor areas.
     Opportunities and challenges coexist in the moment, many companies in order to obtain the development of the market in the pre-determined power, have to build brand building, industry brand tide is cohesion. However, companies will fall into the brand of children, it can really build a good corporate brand, to maximize the brand effect it?
Three think three ask carefully cautious
     Otherwise, the enterprise brand building, should be carefully thought out, self-clear "what to sell", "sell", "how to sell", not a hot blind construction. An article on the three asked for an interpretation, it is worth thinking about business.
      "What to sell," the key In fact, we must first solve the five problems: 1. Based on what you can do, thinking about planning what you want to do 2. Your product is characterized by "the pursuit of the scale of circulation advantages" 3. You have the advantage of production, procurement or R & D, technical advantages; 4. You know you are ready to sell the product life cycle and upgrade, replacement trend you; 5. What you are selling The core competitiveness of products where?
      "To whom" the same need to think about six questions: 1, think clearly what to sell, find out who is the end-user? 2. These so-called "end-user", why must buy your product? 4. Who are the sellers of direct or indirect products that deal with them? 5. Where are these direct or indirect sellers? 6. How would you like to sign up with these sellers?
       "How to sell": 1. Marketing Center is the most important part of the market, both the brain, but also the nose and throat; both the Staff Committee, is the commander; 2. Tactical planning must have a sense of continuity and rhythm, is (4) the budget is very serious, but also high-voltage lines, break-even point can not be regarded as a trifling matter; (5) the armed forces of life, rewards and punishments and strict rules and regulations; (3) the implementation of the integration of research and development; 7, do you really know what is the big data?), The service is not just talking about it;
Brand building long way to go
      Now with the industry increasingly serious phenomenon of homogenization, not just businesses and consumers, and sometimes even the face of the same products on the market, are difficult to distinguish what is excellent and genuine goods, not to mention layman consumer. In order to homogeneous market blaze a trail, many companies have called for the construction of the brand, but for the brand-building is not a clout, there is no clear understanding of the strategic layout. How to build, how to highlight the brand in the market to win it?
      Brand has been able to form and even play its internal functions, the most basic is built on the foundation of the product. Brand is the first product, but not all products can be branded in the name of the brand, brand higher than the product. From the perspective of market demand, the product is the first to meet the needs and needs of the market, and the brand is rising from the demand to meet the spiritual level. Of course, as the LED business, no brand, you can not really into the consumer's core.
     Brand building is a long and lasting war, which is long and lasting because not only apply for the establishment of a brand on the success, but the brand really into the product, so simple product sales to the successful interpretation of the interpretation of the brand process. This is one of the product quality assurance, after-sales service, product promotion planning, brand rooted in the minds of consumers, are important links, closely linked to the final formation of corporate brand in the market, while consumers continue to be brand Cognition, understanding of the process, but also for the enterprise to reflect the consumer's perception, and even reflect the characteristics of consumers.
     In many domestic enterprises can hear the business shouted: "to do the industry first", "to build the industry's first brand!", "To do the industry's first professional manufacturer" but the vast majority are " ", This grand goal is important, but does not necessarily represent the real business will be implemented. In fact, due to the shackles of thinking, most companies are lack of thought, the lack of pattern and realm, not to brand strategy to enhance the overall strategy of the enterprise, so that corporate brand strategy is missing, only at the bottom Of the building, rather than high-level shape, brand building is still long way to go.
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