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LED annual output value of 160 billion yuan, is still oversupply!

  • Author:Eunice
  • Source:net
  • Release on :2016-04-15
         Shenzhen Risen OPTO Co.,Ltd,led RGB light supplier in china,LED RGB FLOOD Light with 24VAC Input Voltage,led lamp fixtures supplier.
         Taiwan ranks the world 's second - largest LED manufacturing base, despite the recent years shrouded in oversupply in the storm, however Guangbao photoelectricity business group general manager Zhuang Yuanping prediction, 2016 overall market size will exceed 80 billion yuan (NT $, $1599.2 billion yuan), but the competitive situation is very serious, Taiwanese manufacturers must re adjustment and positioning, entered the transition phase, only way entered the next ten years.
         LEDTaiwan launched today and yesterday (12), held before the exhibition press conference, although LED output continues to grow, only 35% of the permeability of LED lighting, and considerable room to grow, but Guangbao photoelectricity industry group general manager Zhuang Yuanping, MonoCrystal general manager Chen Zhengguang all think, this LED industry still oversupply.
          Zhuang Yuanping estimates that this year, LED market scale will exceed 8000 billion new Taiwan dollars, mainly used accounted for 63 billion new Taiwan dollars, lighting accounted for one third of; backlight output decrease, future 3 years and 3 ~ 5% decline; cars a year to maintain the growth of about 6%; mobile devices, and outdoor boards falls in the flat between, said Zhuang Yuanping, LED industry annual compound growth rate of about 5%, but the LED industry are very hard.
          Zhuang Yuanping promising automotive applications, whether it is visible or infrared LED, in the electric vehicle, unmanned vehicles are playing an important role, but past ink manufacturers mainly in Europe and the United States, for Taiwan firms is an opportunity, but not easy to cultivate.
         Zhuang Yuanping thinks, industry LED industry in the next ten years can still develop him, for example, 1998 Blu ray brightness even the naked eye look not to come out, now the brightness can have application in the lighting, the evolution and new application of the technology will expand the space for the development of LED, Taiwanese manufacturers in the LED industry must re adjust, positioning, entered the transition phase, the only way to enter a decade.
         Zhuang Yuanping also said that would replace the small LCD panel OLED this type of application, for the LED backlight will influence, at present led epitaxy, package still exist the pressure of excess capacity, the new application of sustained innovation, every one of the manufacturers have to face, if can also can yet be regarded as an opportunity for transformation.
         LEDTaiwan is expected today launched a total of 237 exhibitors, the exhibition is distinguished for sapphire, high brightness LED, LED element, power element manufacturing, intelligent lighting technology, such as the five major area.
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