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LED accounted for more than 97% in Ice and Snow World

  • Author:Eunice 
  • Source:net
  • Release on :2016-02-08
    Shenzhen Risen OPTO Co.,Ltd,led outdoor lighting suppliers,led outdoor stadium lighting manufacturers,led lamp fixtures supplier.January 22, reporters learned from the Ice and Snow World, as one of the three international events seventeenth Harbin Ice and Snow World, 2015 Harbin International Ice and Snow Landscape Art LED Innovative Design Contest ended successfully, Anhui Haiwei Semiconductor Lighting Co., Ltd. work "Ding" to win, visitors can watch the award-winning works at close range in the park. 

    Screening by expert judges, as Wycombe semiconductor lighting "Ding" LED lighting solutions, ten works "Old Man and the book", and Harbin lighting test center of the "bright" and other enterprises and institutions formally nominated and winning. At present, the work has been finished sculpture being Snow World Foreign exhibitions. According to the Harbin Cultural Tourism Group Co., Ltd., general manager of Xiaqian Ming reports, this Ice and Snow World in construction investment is the largest ever scale of the next, but also promote the use of LED next highest coverage, reaching more than 97%, saving 78 %, greatly reducing the pollution of water and soil abandoned after conventional light sources. Especially in the application of technology research and development of semiconductor lighting to achieve a lot of breakthroughs, then declared 15 patents, of which 10 and LED-related patents.

    In addition, the reporter learned that, although these two days Bard temperatures plunged, but did not affect the enthusiasm of domestic and foreign tourists to sightseeing Harbin Ice and Snow World, the resort accommodation was increasing rather than reducing, the last few days nearly 20,000 tourists daily million. Ms. Wang from Shanghai smiled and told reporters, "Although the air is cold, you can have so much fun, do not feel cold." The park, 320 meters of ice slides is still a favorite of tourists, the team has been discharged to the foot of the mountain. In Xinjiang ice dragon drum main stage, thousands of tourists dancing to the music; filled lake winter swimming, winter swimming athletes enjoy the show with swimming skills and exceptional ability to cold; the world's first "Ice King" Jinsong Hao challenge the cold limit, cause bursts of amazing; U-shaped groove professional players hurtling down from the tank wall, all kinds of thrilling action people hooked. There are snow ring, ice sledge, bicycles, and other entertainment projects on ice and ice dancing show and other performances, gave visitors an unparalleled pleasure.

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