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Just LP? It is the main body of the bid for OSRAM

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  • Release on :2016-07-29
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      The morning of July 26, OSRAM issued press release said, strategic investment group IDG capital, Yiwu City, China lighting manufacturers Linsen and financing unit of state-owned assets operation center, a total of 4 billion euros to acquisition of OSRAM lighting business LEDvance.
      On the same day M.L.S. announced that the company and the harmonious mingsum other partners signed a new partnership agreement. Limited partner intends to increase the proportion of the proportion of the capital contribution to a harmonious, in which the company intends to increase the contribution of capital contribution by 178 million 570 thousand yuan to 1 billion 250 million yuan, accounting for the proportion of the total contribution of the capital contribution of a harmonious bright.
      Linsen announcement also said that company for harmonious Ming core limited partner (limited partner, LP), do not participate in the partnership enterprise daily management and investment decisions. That is to say the main bid for OSRAM LEDvance is the core of harmonious Ming, Ming core partner just Linsen harmony.
Bid for OSRAM LEDvance, M.L.S. is only LP
       According to access to information, 2015 November 6th evening MuLinSen released announcement shows that wood Linsen said in order to enhance the competitiveness of enterprises, to optimize the integration of industry resources, the Board agreed to companies to participate in bidding for OSRAMLichtAG (OSRAM) part of the lighting business assets, and to authorize the Sun Qinghuan chairman on behalf of the company to negotiate acquisitions and signed the relevant documents.
       To May 16 this year, wood Linsen announcement, for the parties to give full play to the advantage to achieve win-win situation, Linsen management after discussion decision, and IDG capital's harmonious ho number signed the limited partnership enterprise partnership agreement letter of intent ", intends to use its own funds and harmonious ho number or its associated enterprises, other investors jointly set up a limited partnership. The harmonious ho number or its associated companies as a general partner (GP) GeneralPartner, wood Linsen and other investors as limited partners (LimitedPartner, LP).
According to the announcement, said the amount of investment in this limited partnership enterprises amounted to RMB 500 million yuan. The main investment direction of the partnership is to obtain the equity and LED industry quality assets of the LED industry by participating in the capital increase, equity transfer and other means.
      Immediately after the May 17, wood Linsen meeting decided with partners to form bidding consortium, participate in bid to OSRAM lighting business assets. After July 16, wood Linsen said, as a limited partner in the harmonious Ming core, of its own funds to recognize pay harmonious Ming core 17857 million yuan of investment, accounting recognition 35.713% pay amount of capital contribution, and the protagonist in the announcement of the harmonious Ming core is the acquisition of the subject of OSRAM LEDvance. Is this acquisition will Linsen original 178 million 570 thousand yuan increased to 1 billion 250 million yuan.
     Both MuLinSen acquired OSRAM lighting business, or the ultimate change strategy the consortium to buy, and ultimately the greatest beneficiaries or wood Linsen. Because the MLS in the acquisition of shares with Yiwu state as the highest, has a controlling stake and the right to speak; secondly, wood Linsen is but also the consortium only a with OSRAM lighting business linked to the enterprise; finally, wood Linsen as LP, the financial M & A is not used and can accelerate the acquisition of the progress. So anyway, Rawlinson are the biggest beneficiaries.
Although for LP, but it is the biggest beneficiary
      As a harmonious Ming large core shareholders wood Linsen, in harmonious Ming core will OSRAM LEDvance into the bag, wood Linsen will get provided by OSRAM LED chips with patent protection, will make the foot chip ship tonnage increased again.
And wood Linsen not listed before, has been labeled as "price butcher" name, now holding company acquired OSRAM LEDvance not only fill the MLS in vacancies in the high-end lighting brand, will also be wood Linsen brand promotion a level, which will accelerate the wood Linsen global layout process.
       Compared to other companies in the Commonwealth, to get only the equity of OSRAM LEDvance as well as future earnings, Mu Linsen got more than just equity there are more additional value.
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