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Jingdong with Mitsubishi Chemical own vegetable, invest nearly 50 million plant plant

  • Source:net
  • Release on :2017-06-28
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June 20, Jingdong Group and Japan's Mitsubishi Chemical Holdings Group in the field of plant operations business cooperation. Jingdong will be involved in vegetable production, Mitsubishi Chemical will provide its plant and cultivation techniques. Jingdong has been selling vegetables online, with the pursuit of fresh, safe and secure consumers continue to increase, Jingdong will be in Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou and other places to build self-employed plant to expand the fresh business.

♦ Jingdong and Mitsubishi Chemical signed the scene

Jingdong will build about 10,000 square meters of plant in Beijing Tongzhou and put it into operation before the spring of 2018. Investment amounted to about 800 million yen (equivalent to about 49.16 million yuan). Mitsubishi Chemical will provide a hydroponic cultivation system and provide technical guidance on selection, sowing, harvesting and packaging, as well as health management and vegetable production record management.

The plant will produce 300 tons of vegetables such as lettuce and rape every year. Jingdong will cultivate and use the company's own logistics network, emphasizing the product of fresh, safe and at ease. In the Mitsubishi Chemical plant production of vegetables in Shanghai for trial sale, received praise, so Jingdong decided to start cultivation.

Mitsubishi Chemical's plant business with annual sales of 1.5 billion yen (equivalent to about 92.17 million yuan). In 2014, a joint venture was established in China to enter the Chinese market. Mitsubishi Chemical has been working with Jingdong, which plans to operate a plant in various parts of China, and strives to make the sales of the business reach 5 billion yen (equivalent to about RMB307 million) by 2020.

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