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It is Disney,Lightsaber Wars with IR LED

  • Source:net
  • Release on :2016-08-23
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      Disney is in within the next few years, California launched Disney star wars Park covers an area of 5.6 million square meters, want to will let visitors hooked. In fact, a recent new patent and how to make a lightsaber in the dark is closely related to a duel.
A web site called PatentYogi posted a patent application Disney company, sometimes called the audience interaction program system". May sound full of complex, but it looks like Disney to design a set of system, so that fans can wield laser knife.

      This system may be applied to other areas, but the patent drawings is very obvious:
(image: Disney patent application)
      This patent is a LED lamp installed in the "lightsaber", let the LED lamp without man-machine interactive system and hovering above the induction.
      According to Disney's design, with a knife row IR LED, with no IR receiver on the man-machine communication. As long as the opening led, no user visible sensor can use a knife on IRLED emission signal to judge, to capture the surface.
      This system is designed to enable multiple LED and successfully produced a luminous surface and a lightsaber. Disney sent a patent application in July 14, 2016, and in January 13, 2015 issued the patent.
      Following the different vendors use IRLED characteristics to create successful vr virtual reality device, Samsung Galaxy note 7 is equipped in the design of iris recognition system, the application of more and more IRLED, is bound to be let IRLED manufacturers can continue to see demand.
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