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International giant joint research and development of new LED automotive lighting headlight exposure

  • Author:Eunice
  • Source:net
  • Release on :2016-04-11
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         Audi is good at making lights, which is well-known in the industry. Always, often application, the Audi new headlight technology, always throw a large portion of the opponent, although Audi has hands toward the laser lamp field, but still does not apply to the production model, matrix LED headlamps is still Audi the lamp factory maximum configuration. When driving at night, the matrix LED headlamps will full use the high beam light, through sensory element group headlamps to automatic recognition of the oncoming vehicles and cover headlight internal part of the LED unit, to avoid interference with the opposite to the vehicle by the beam, by blocking the full realization of the where need according to where the objective.

         However, until the emergence of another LED headlights, so that Audi's matrix headlight is not efficient enough. Fraunhofer Research Institute has developed a LED headlamps, the headlight led by the four points columns, which each lattice have 256 light-emitting pixels, each pixel unit can be independently controlled, thus can be independently controlled led many dozens of times, natural headlamps variable illumination mode has also increased a lot. The most critical is that the independent control unit LED can choose a permanent closure, which is better than the Audi through the occlusion to achieve a better. However, the difficulty lies in the headlights of the independent control of each individual pixel, each pixel is connected to the driver and the driver chip, the distance between the two is only 15 microns. In order to solve this problem, researchers used on a kind of new material: a made of gold nano sponge, sponge sponge like this really has a strong compression, adapt to the ups and downs of the component surface accurately.
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