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International bridge lighting new concept led and train God Sync

  • Source:Net
  • Release on :2018-01-22
     Shenzhen rising Opto Co., LTD.,The distributors LED flood light,Aluminum Alloy flood manufacturer,Waterproof LED light China manufacturer

     The train bridges in Croatia have a unique lighting modification and an LED light that can be displayed dynamically according to the status of the train.

     The bridge located in the capital of Croatia is known as the "Bridge Hendrix" in the north with the length of 300 meters and a green deck. At night, bridges are bathed in almost every white light, curved, bridges and elegant designs are clearly visible.

     The sensor detects whether the white light turns into black and the bridge looks missing. Then, when the first channel of the train passes the LED color bridge up to match the speed of the train, the bridge train and rail motion pattern. The light Khaoklap from the bridge opening.

     The bridge is designed by top-light designers Dean Skira by using the Philips illumination Installation "Bridge, the most helpful," He said. Few of them use neutral light to enhance the engineering beauty. "

     The train bridge makes the surrounding area more interesting. "Our goal is to improve the scenery of the city, which is part of our plan to improve the life of the city around Sava," Ivan Babi, the chief Infrastructure services Department. "

     "LED innovation is now a tourist attraction and people always stop shooting"

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