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Intelligent lighting: from smart power supplies, to the promotion of Intelligent Systems

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  • Release on :2016-07-22
     Shenzhen Risen OPTO Co.,Ltd, led RGB light supplier in china,led outdoor lighting suppliers,led lamp fixtures supplier.
     Today, intelligent lighting market undercurrent, both the lighting giant, or Internet darling, have "belligerent", playing merrily. HUAWEI joint OPPLE to build smart life, millet hand in hand 13 lighting companies to push smart light bulbs and smart modules, PHILPS, GE, apple, Qualcomm also has the layout of intelligent lighting.
Now, intelligent lighting has become the inevitable product and technology. From the point of view of the current Guangya Exhibition, intelligent lighting is still "xiangbobo", mostly to exhibit intelligent lighting system is given priority to, pay more attention to the user experience.
     Whether it is indoor lighting, or outdoor lighting, from smart power supplies, to the promotion of intelligent systems, intelligence has become a trend. Although intelligent lighting manufacturers speculation was rampant, but still do not live in the terminal market freeze mask embarrassment.
     "Mobile app + multi topic Create + remote control to create intelligent lighting, start with a high lattice force has attracted a lot of young consumers, after use has frequently been" intelligence = abandon Jane is complex, expensive, hardware and software is not compatible with the criticism.
     China Illuminating Engineering Society Secretary General Dolin Ping pointed out that in the initial stage of the development of intelligent lighting, the enterprise is in the blind pursuit of technology, functional superposition, for settings of curiosity, leading to a complex product design. In 2016, intelligent lighting will pay more attention to from the perspective of consumer demand to create home ownership need an intelligent, focus on the human experience of intelligent research will become mainstream, with human behavior, visual function, visual physiological and psychological research based, development has the scientific content of people-oriented, efficient, comfortable intelligent lighting.
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