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Intelligent and personalized LED lighting is the future mainstream

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  • Release on :2016-11-11
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     Hong Kong International Lighting Fair has been committed to the industry to create a professional international lighting procurement platform for exhibitors from around the world to create business opportunities, to showcase new energy-saving and creative products, as well as the latest technology within the line.
It is understood, MOD cloud control lighting this year, the theme of the exhibition is the wisdom of lighting, display more types of products, about 200 models. According to MOD cloud lighting control general manager Wu Yongle introduced this year, the main products have two exhibitions, one is the traditional commercial lighting, the other is cloud control lighting.
     Traditional lighting is mainly based on commercial space, and cloud control lighting intelligent control system can be applied to the entire interior lighting space, basically covers all the features and hardware and software, you can also create many applications possibilities. At present, cloud control intelligent control system can achieve as many as 16 million kinds of color and scene changes, to the user a wealth of visual examination. The system through a few years of research and development, including some of the projects this year, the application is now very mature.
     In recent years, intelligent lighting has gradually become the LED industry trends, many LED companies have transition to get involved in this area, and actively explore overseas markets. The exhibition, MOD cloud control lighting is mainly to expand overseas markets, and better promote cloud control lighting products and technologies. But for the cloud control lighting, the wisdom of this piece of lighting or dominated by the domestic.
     Intelligent lighting has entered the application side, consumers are generally more interested in. "It is reported that the cloud control lighting, intelligent lighting, lighting, lighting, lighting, lighting, In the domestic market share of 70% to 80%, foreign markets are still slowly cultivating.
     On the consumer market, Wu Yongle that the future must be led by individual consumption. Into the era of personalized, more research needs of consumers diversity. Because each person's thinking is not the same, the demand is not the same. Therefore, the MOD cloud control lighting positioning solution services, for each project needs to provide a set of overall solutions to service end-users.
      Domestic LED enterprise development is very rapid, gradually in the global market occupies a certain position. Wu Yongle that with the global economic downturn and technological innovation, some international giants in the industry competition slowly do not have the "independent" strength, the domestic lighting companies began to play a more important role in the international arena. In addition, there are now on the market cutting-edge technology has also been a great promotion, there are many companies concerned about the next generation of more energy-efficient light source. So the international giants in the process of reorganization or transformation in the inside a little slow, preferring to invest more forward-looking technology. Therefore, the future of the lighting industry for innovative enterprises, there is still a great opportunity.
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