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India lighting market: big demand but also a big price pressure

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  • Release on :2016-08-24
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    "India market, ah, the price is too low, it is difficult to promote." When Taiwan blew the "New South heat", the industry adopted a wait-and-see attitude, do not rush to follow suit. Industry pointed out that the Chinese mainland industry has been in India layout for a long time, with low price to grab the market, coupled with India per capita income is not high, the Taiwan industry is facing a very strong price competition pressure.
     According to foreign reports, LED light bulbs in the India market price of three hundred and fifty to six hundred rupees (about NT $one hundred and fifty to two hundred and ninety yuan). But in the government's "bright road campaign" policy subsidies, India people can use about NT $five, purchased two LED light bulbs.
India International Lighting Exhibition this year into the fourteenth, Taiwan manufacturers will be sixth degrees this year to participate in the industry, the industry said, India domestic market size is so big, there will be the same industry want to give it a try". But it is understood that the current LED industry in India to obtain the cooperation of agents, not more than ten.
      the CEO of the optical and optical implementation of the long Stella Chang currently operating in Kampuchea, India, the market is not high interest in the market. He pointed out that the India market price is too low, it will be very hard to do, Southeast Asia, the price is still reasonable. Even the African market is worth promoting than the India market. "Because of the high price of electricity in Africa, it is also more valuable to play space".
Stella said that although international manufacturers for the Indian market has the layout, but production base generally in China, by brand and channel reached India. Taiwan industry to compete, will be more hard.
In Southeast Asia and South Asia market, the trade association with guild LED manufacturers to participate in only two exhibition is held in May each year Thailand Lighting Fair and December at the India International Lighting Exhibition, respectively. Preparatory staff of the trade association pointed out that the Taiwan manufacturers must have the willingness to participate, and more than ten manufacturers, trade association to participate in the exhibition. The two exhibitions are larger, more buyers and more influential.
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