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India Airport Lighting Large exchange of all the use of LED lights

  • Source:net
  • Release on :2018-03-12
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India's airport Authority (airports Authority of INDIA,AAI) and India Energy Efficiency Services Limited (EESL) signed a memorandum of understanding to install energy-efficient LED lights in AAI-administered airports, buildings and facilities, according to Indian media reports. To replace the current traditional lighting. It is reported that AAI manages 98 domestic, 23 international and 8 Customs airports in India.

The memo requires the use of the agreed energy-saving LED lamps to replace the traditional lamps, in accordance with the Indian Energy services Company (ESCO) model, the first completed upfront investment, according to the annuity benchmark recovery, the project lasts 5 years. The entire project is estimated to cost 2.441 billion rupees (about 238 million RMB) and the EESL will carry out a five-year warranty replacement.

All the purchasing, installation and maintenance work of the lighting equipment will be borne by EESL, AAI not bear any cost burden. The project will be completed within four months of the date of signature of the final energy efficiency Agreement (EPA). "AAI has completed the first phase of the LED lighting replacement, costing 1.6 billion rupees (about 156 million RMB)," Aai said in a statement in Monday. Will save about 1.4 billion rupees (about 137 million RMB). "This will bring huge energy and cost savings to the AAI airport," he said.

Guruprasad Mohapatra, chairman of AAI, said: "About 20% of the total airport usage is for lighting loads." EESL LED lamps to replace the existing lighting will bring great benefits to AAI, not only save electricity, but also reduce energy costs. This MOU will ensure the low cost of LED lights. ”

Earlier, EESL was responsible for several lighting projects in the Indian Railways, the Metro company and the Central Public Works Department.

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