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Incandescent LED lighting can usher in the demise of good?

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  • Release on :2016-09-23
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     Since October 1, 2016, our country will ban the sale and import of 15 watts and above ordinary incandescent lighting. With the "route map" impending phase-out point in time, the recent sharp rise in LED sector, quit incandescent undoubtedly bring more market space for the LED business.
      Incandescent invention dating back more than 137 years of history, it is understood, incandescent light efficiency due to the low number of countries which have been phased out. In early 2007 the Australian Government released the first legislation phasing out incandescent light, after Canada, Japan, the United States, European Union, South Korea and China Taiwan and other more than ten countries and regions have issued the incandescent phase-out plan.
     China since 2011, proposed "cut Bering", the incandescent lamp has gradually withdrawn from the market, for the present, China has rarely used incandescent, most families and businesses have been put incandescent phase-out, even in the lighting market too hard to find it anyway. According to China's "road map" phase-out plan, from 2011 to date, and provisions to prohibit the sale of incandescent imported slowly from 100 watts to 60 watts and then at 15 watts to today, many investors will be the ban it interpreted as incandescent complete delisting.
     In fact, on the "cut Bering" since the "road map" to ban publish each node, LED concept will be hype. While incandescent indeed gradually withdraw from the market, but in the end the incandescent lamp can completely withdraw from the market, at this point it seems a lot of people in the industry still needs the joint efforts of government and business, rather than as simple as investors interpreted. "Now the national policy called out incandescent light, but in general lighting, in some special lighting, LED agricultural lighting lamps and now there is no way to completely replace incandescent lamps." Beijing Lighting Research Institute in Sun cool interview with the author , he said. According to my understanding, like some small household appliances on the light bulb, many are unable to replace incandescent lamps with LED lights, such as range hoods and other. This shows incandescent or completely withdraw from the market will take some time, this plan "roadmap" and no way to do so incandescent completely out of the market, for investors, it will take some time to wait and see.
     I visited Beijing a number of hardware stores, found in many stores have not visited incandescent, LED lights and is more energy-saving lamps, "I heard that 10 months later not to sell incandescent light, so there has been no purchase, and now almost no one to buy incandescent lamps, LED lamps and CFLs actually sell well. "Mr. Wang said hardware store.
     According to statistics, the first half of 2016, the country's total output of incandescent bulbs 2.012 billion, but according to the "roadmap" view, after October 2016 will face the vast majority of incandescent exit, indicating that the lighting industry will usher up to a hundred billion market, which is an opportunity for LED lighting is.
     While incandescent phase-out so that the LED industry prospects, but the LED industry today is still an overcapacity in the industry, because since the 2011 "road map" proposed, LED industry will launch a wave of investment in the storm, leading to today's overcapacity . LED lights are now in the domestic lighting market penetration of more than 30%, while the incandescent lamp is less than 5%, which is already the state of affairs will not compete, but because of excess capacity led to oversupply of LED lighting products, LED profit many companies are shrinking year by year. Poly fly photoelectric example, according to the report shows, poly fly photoelectric since 2011 and 2015 gross margins are declining trend in the year, respectively, 26.56%, 23.5%, 19.22%, 16.13% and 14.47%, while in 2016 in the first half, gross margin poly fly photoelectric below 10%, only 9.4%.
       LED lights biggest competitor is what, it is not really welcome good with holding this question, I consulted the Sun Shuang Shuang Sun said, "because the" road map "is the beginning of each year from 2011 to gradually phase out incandescent and LED lights is only in recent years accepted by the public, before the incandescent lamp gradually withdraw when first received the incandescent fluorescent market share, so now the market share is still very large fluorescent lamps, the LED lights now term market is not large, so now the biggest competitor LED lights to replace incandescent fluorescent before. and the incandescent phase-out not everyone thought so exaggerated that LED lights welcome good also not appropriate. "Sun Shuang that the development of LED lights also need to continue to improve the quality and safety of products, so that it is more likely to be accepted by the public.
      LED lights may want to usher in a real good opportunity not to rise fluorescent, energy saving lamps LED lights for market share has a great impact, LED lighting, which is still on the road now.
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