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In 2016 manufacturers how to deal with the price transparency of LED street light.

  • Author:Eunice
  • Source:net
  • Release on :2016-04-18
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        LED street lamp, is refers to the distribution and change of light scattered light, equipment, including in addition to light source for all fixed and required to maintain the source of all parts and components, and necessary connection with the power supply line accessories.
         At that time, lighting is not only in the living room lighting, but also the main structure of the building environment of the living room. Room lighting can not be separated from the lamp, and the lamp is lighting the accumulation of reaction, it is to stop rotating room to install the effectiveness, establish visual conditions, and room decoration of some, is the body of concession in the lighting techniques and installation art.

         Using exterior lighting and color reconciled, can make indoor environment Shiquan some atmosphere and mood, reflect the usual style and characteristics, increasing the beauty of installation art, make indoor space more accustomed to our mind, physical needs and aesthetic sentiment. The following is the 2016 China lighting professional development trend analysis:
Energy saving
         Description of the lamp inside the main light, light source of the LED lighting lamps and lanterns depicting pioneers a new transformation, from a large extent changed the our conception of lighting, enable us to liberate from the traditional point, the line source concept, concept description of the lamps and lanterns are performance and ab initio tree stand, lamps and lanterns on the idea of visual, somatosensory and reflects the greater flexibility in space, room lighting lamps and lanterns will be to pay more attention to energy-saving and health.
         LED is a kind of green light source. LED lamp DC driven, no stroboscopic, no infrared and ultraviolet component, no radiation is jumbly, high color and Shiquan strong luminescence bias; dimming performance is good, color transformation will not survive visual abuses; cold light source of low calorific value, can safely touch; these are the traditional incandescent lamp and the light tube is not up to. It can not only supply calming light according to space, and can perfectly agreeable to his disciples and health needs, is to ensure that the visual and environmental protection and the health of the light source.
Color change
         Modern life more colorful fireflies lighting resplendent with variegated coloration, also in the meantime. Maple leaf red, yellow, green, popular bluegrass coral purple, sky blue...... Or warm, or hot, or elegant, or leisure, lighting decoration and construction function, it can be said is half by color to show, end.
         This is also a kind of fashion. The ceiling lamp, with round mirror with light...... Even the torch has combination of white and red, yellow and green is not the same. This can complete the function of the lighting, give people more convenience.
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