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In 2016, China's LED lighting will further affect the world

  • Author:Eunice
  • Source:net
  • Release on :2016-01-07
        Shenzhen Risne OPTO Co.,Ltd,led outdoor lighting suppliers,led outdoor stadium lighting manufacturers,China led flood light factory.2015, although the global economic downturn, but China's LED lighting in the first three quarters of exports reached $, an increase of 8.5%. China Lighting Electrical Association, vice chairman and Secretary General Chen Yansheng therefore believes that the next few years, the export volume of LED lamps will be increased year by year.
         Chen Yansheng is in Dongguan held the second China Lighting Electronics Supply Chain Forum and the 2016 North American market campaign summit to do the above analysis. This forum Dolin Ping, Secretary General of the China Lighting Association also said that led to the China Lighting brand to enter the international market a chance, subdivision, professional will be the survival of an enterprise, industry chain between enterprises should strengthen division of labor in 2016 and further affect the world. Dou Linping also revealed that the Institute will take the lead in domestic enterprises, and the North American Lighting Association (IES) and other agencies to strengthen cooperation and cooperation in various segments of the lighting to support 2-3 home outstanding enterprises, to help enterprises to expand overseas markets.
         China Academy of building research building environment and Energy Research Institute vice president Zhao Jianping also believes that such products change quickly, international brands have obvious on the rhythm of the backward Chinese enterprises, the future world lighting brands must come from China.
          As a sponsor of the forum, Shenzhen dark energy supply, chairman of Peng Guoyun that past made in China by labor-intensive dividend growth for the world's manufacturing power, but with rising labor costs, the advantage of China's manufacturing industry decline. But LED for the Chinese manufacturing opened a new door, the future of LED will extend to other electronic industries, and promote the transformation and upgrading of China's manufacturing. LED is one of the few, can be from the material to the realization of the whole industry chain of domestic R & D and manufacturing industry.
          Meeting site also released the dark energy market in North America dedicated power supply series, including compatible all of North America controllable silicon dimmer led ball bubble dimming power, inductor, the electronic ballast of T5 / T8 lamp tube power compatible, a full range of panel lamp power supply, and 50-400W industrial and mining lamp power four listed products.
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