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Implantable or wearable display technology

  • Author:Eunice
  • Source:net
  • Release on :2016-05-10
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          Before the development of electronic ink, the display of the dynamic image needs a constant current, and the life of the display and the power supply can not be divided. Like many other implantable or wearable technologies, the body is placed in a display that is subject to the power of the battery. Electronic ink, however, consumes energy only when it is shown that the content changes, not the constant current to keep the image. So we can create such a screen on the skin, its energy consumption is minimal.
         After reading, I and my little friends are shocked!
          Thus, the display technology are to fight, if the LED display has been step before, then it can only be market submissively!
          Perhaps on the current LED display, these display technology and some did not have a positive threat to the market position of the LED display, but the future is unknown.
To cope with the challenges, LED display technology should be diversified development
With the large display technology mature and popular, it will according to its own technical advantages gradually from the application level to erosion LED display market, forming potential of the siege on the LED display, therefore led display of continuous innovation at the same time, also need to diversify the development, breaking position of technology in some segments of the display.
          According to the current situation of LED display industry, in the past years, many enterprises have invested in the development of small spacing, making the LED display industry around the small spacing, however, such a model is not conducive to the industry's development.
          Needless to say, the small spacing for the LED display screen is a new direction of technology development, there are certain technical breakthrough, but small spacing and not meet all display applications in the field of demand, which requires such display technology towards diversification to develop.
          For example, LED screen glass, lamp LED screen, led the first door full color, shaped LED screen and so on the LED display technology are scrambling to develop, to excavate the creativity in the segments of the market, to gain a firm foothold, create LED display market strong walls, even if other display technology updates, not enough to shake the LED display market position.
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