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How to practice "Cabbage price" of LED lamps ?

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  • Release on :2016-07-04
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      In recent years, LED industry competition to enter the white hot stage, LED product prices fell sharply, and even some LED lighting companies launched the cabbage price low end LED products. Relative to these low-end products, domestic and foreign high-end LED brand product prices are still high, the price formed a large gap.
Then the problem comes, with the LED products, why their prices can differ so much, businesses doubt, consumers also doubt. Therefore, this period were selected three low-end brands a and in the end B brand products, the production cost analysis, to readers, to dispel misunderstanding.
Multi resolution, less and less "be confused"
      Through the above table data is not difficult to find, with the LED products, low-end brand A products and the end of the brand B products in terms of cost price or terminal price, there is a big gap.
      First talk about the 3WLED bulb, the end of the cost price of the brand A than the low-end brand B higher than 3.38 yuan, while the market price is also higher than 4 yuan. Look at the cost of materials, in the end the brand B lighting components material prices are low-end brand A several times.
      Look at the 3WLED ceiling lights, the end of the cost price of the brand B for the low-end brand A 5.45 times, and the terminal price is also higher than the low-end brand of 15 yuan. From the point of view of the material composition, brand in the end B using copper wire bracket lamp, and a low-end brand the aluminium bracket, lamp beads, in the end B brand "power + wire", "beads + lamp plate" and "shell" cost is the low-end brand a 6.5 times, 4.4 times and 5.3 times.
      Look at 3wled downlight, in the end the cost prices of Brand B 14.8 yuan higher than the low-end brand a3.2 yuan price, the terminal price higher low-end brands 15 yuan. Only from the shell, the end of the brand B using 7.65 yuan of aluminum shell, while the lower end of the brand A is 1.4 yuan of plastic shell. At the core of the power supply, beads and other materials, in the end is the price of low-end brand B brand many times.
By we is not difficult to see that the low-cost LED products is how tempered. To this end, the business in the choice of products can multi product separation and comparison, so as to achieve "aware".
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