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How to choose and purchase LED light

  • Author:Eunice
  • Source:net
  • Release on :2016-03-15
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1, flux. LED output flux (LM number) is different, different prices. The LED used for LED lamps shall be in accordance with the laser grade class I standard.
2, antistatic ability. Anti static ability strong LED, long life, and thus the price is high. Usually monomer is more than 700V anti-static LED can be used for LED lighting.
3, wavelength. A good consistency of the LED, the same color, such as the requirements of color, the price is high. No LED color device manufacturers are difficult to produce pure color products.
4, leakage current. LED is a one - way conductive light emitting body, if there is a reverse current, it is called the leakage, the leakage current of LED, short life, low price.
5, light emitting angle. Use different LED the light angle is not the same. Light angle, special, high price. Such as the diffusion angle, higher prices.
6, different life. Quality is the key to life, life is decided by the light fades. A small decline, long service life, high price.
7, wafer. Illuminant of LED chip, different chips, the price difference is very great. Japan and the United States wafer more expensive, Taiwan and domestic chip price is lower than Japan and the United States (CREE).
8, wafer size. The size of the wafer to wafer side said that the quality of LED is better than small chip. The price is proportional to the size of isomorphous.
9, colloid. Colloidal LED ordinary general epoxy resin, with anti ultraviolet and fire retardant LED expensive, high-quality outdoor LED lighting should be UV and fire. Each product will have different design, different design applicable to different uses, include the reliability of LED lighting designs: electrical safety, fire safety, the application of environmental security, safety of machinery, safety and health, safety use time and other factors. From the perspective of electrical safety, should be in conformity with the relevant international and national standards.
From the aspects of health, the non-toxic materials design of product prices to high, especially indoor LED lighting, do not be greedy cheap smell of LED lighting selection, only a few LED manufacturers is non-toxic material production, identify the method can directly with the nose respectively, smelly products no odor at lower prices than many. A similar analysis of lead, mercury and cadmium and other toxins need professionals. From the application of environmental safety, have dustproof and dampproof design reliable materials, fire prevention, anti UV, anti cracking at low temperature of high price of LED products.
Now up knowledge? Next time, remember to change the bulb to buy LED bulb, pay attention to their eyesight and save electricity. Do a little contribution to the national energy saving and environmental protection. When you buy buy the formal business of qualified products!
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