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How to buy LED downlight

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     Simple and clear that led downlight with real, everyday life of the lamp House (bedroom. The living room, a balcony, etc.), but it will not light a lamp, but energy use LED bulbs led downlight choose energy-saving lamp, not like a traditional (incandescent), so many different factors to consider, then, that we purchase LED downlight.

    How to buy fire led downlight downlight extra points.
Led downlight accessories at point 1: radiator
    Cooling speed level LED downlight, light attenuation, and length of life. The boiler is too small to make the temperature build-up in the light source. Work lamp beads for a long time in high temperatures. Light failure, the age is very short, fast to select down lights, it is recommended that you choose the best shell made of aluminum, it's because the aluminum thermal coefficient is quite high. The heat fairly quickly, make sure that the LED bulb lamp downlight normal.
Led downlight accessories point at 2: drive power.
    Power transformers. Transformer quality known to also determine the lifetime of all the bulbs. The bead more than 50000 hours lamp, no problem, but if the damaged transformer, all the light will light up. Transformer within the usage of electronic parts. The design determines the efficiency of a transformer The factors are stability, temperature rise, life so buying down lights, it is recommended that you select the drive voltage is the best. You can guarantee the results of current and voltage stability and therefore make sure that the led downlight in the process of security and stability.
LED downlight accessories, point 3: light quality beads.
    Buy down lights in addition to consider the material and energy focus, drive, you need to consider the quality of your beaded lamps, lamp light designated quality. The packaging process to affect the quality of the beads of light. Heat and other important factors are now on the market, sales of chip bead LED lamps, domestic and imported by General brand. The difference of price between the huge lighting effects also recommends that you carefully enough to buy.

Ps: recently, someone asked, striking different lamps.

    A: under normal circumstances used as downlight lamp General It must be lighting downlight refers to the light, the light is a spotlight to illuminate the internal needs of local quality lighting for close-ups. Light light protruding objects or parts of objects (General Department store's clothing shop, mobile, etc.). In General, small size of the downlight in the living room. Home decorating multiple roles as wall washers Increase the brightness of the living room, balconies, walls, walkways or sidewalks, etc, with a plain light downlight.

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