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How to buy LED downlight, brief led downlight optional points

  • Author:Eunice
  • Source:net
  • Release on :2017-04-24
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Simple and clear that the LED downlight is actually the daily life of the household lighting (bedroom, living room, balcony, etc.), but its light is no longer a traditional energy-saving light bulbs, but the use of LED light source lighting, LED downlight The choice is no longer like the traditional energy-saving lamps (incandescent) so simple, so consider the factors are different, then, how do we buy LED downlight?

How to buy LED Downlight led downlight optional points
LED Downlight Optional Point 1: Radiator.
Cooling speed determines the LED downlight light attenuation degree and the length of life, the radiator is too small will make high temperature accumulation in the light source, and the lamp beads for a long time in the high temperature work, light failure soon, the service life is also very Short, so the choice of LED downlight, it is recommended that you choose the best shell made of aluminum, because the aluminum heat dissipation coefficient is relatively high, heat is also relatively fast, to ensure that LED downlight normal lighting.
LED Downlight Optional Point 2: Drive Power.
Drive power, also known as transformers, transformer quality also determines the life of the whole lamp, lamp beads used more than 50000 hours no problem, but if the transformer is broken, the whole light will not light up. Transformer within the use of electronic components, the design determines the efficiency of the transformer, power factor, stability, temperature rise, life, so the purchase of LED downlight, it is recommended that you choose the best voltage drive, so you can guarantee Output current and voltage stability, and thus ensure that LED downlight in the use of the process of security and stability.
LED downlight optional points 3: light beads quality.
Buy LED downlight In addition to the need to consider its material and drive power, the focus must also consider the quality of its lamp beads, lamp quality to determine the lighting effect of the lamp, packaging technology affect the quality of light beads, heat and other key factors. Currently on the market sales of LED lamp beads chip with domestic and imported, generally different brands, the price difference between the larger lighting effects are also recommended that you carefully enough to buy.

Ps: Recently someone asked the difference between the lamp and the spotlight.

A: Under normal circumstances, downlight is used as a general lighting, it requires the provision of ambient light can be. Downlight means light down the light. Spotlight is to provide local lighting, it requires the provision of local range of light, for close-up lighting, increase the light protruding an object or object parts (common shopping malls, clothing stores, mobile stores, etc.). In general, many home decoration, the living room with a small size of the downlight, the role is generally used as a wall washer, increase the brightness of the living room wall, corridor or aisle balcony, etc., with a downlight is for ordinary lighting.

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