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How to Select Hotel room lighting?

  • Author:Eunice
  • Source:net
  • Release on :2016-03-21
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         Room lighting system is the most insignificant of the entire hotel.
However, hotel rooms accounted for 60% of the space hotel, is the true meaning of the hotel, the lighting design aims to provide comfortable rest environment and experience to the guests, let guest have a comfortable, easy and comfortable, free feeling.
         So, how to get excellent room lighting effect? At first, we need to build a lighting plan: including the illumination standard, the lighting level planning, the reasonable cloth lamp, the lamps and lanterns choice, scene control and so on. Among them, the election of the lamp is very important, "good lighting standard is to choose the lighting to illuminate the part you need".
         Prior to the choice of lighting, we should first understand the classification of the hotel room lighting. Hotel guest room lamps are mainly two categories: one is decorative lamp, wall lamp, floor lamp, desk reading lamp, bedside reading lamps, bedside table lamp, pendent lamp, mirror front lamps...) , there is a class of building lighting.
The building is nothing more than two: lamps, lamp type (anti fog lamp containing toilet use) and hidden lamp tank for lamp. (of course there may be installed on the wall of the nightlight.)
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