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Hot technology:Silicon substrate technology

  • Author:Eunice
  • Source:net
  • Release on :2016-01-26
         Shenzhenn Risen OPTO Co.,Ltd,led flood light supplier,Aluminum Alloy Flood Light Manufacturers,waterproof led lamps supplier china.Silicon substrate technology is one of the three technical routes of LED chip substrate. Silicon carbide substrate, sapphire substrate, silicon substrate. Among them, the silicon carbide substrate technology is the "noble line", the high cost of its substrate and LED technology is monopolized by the Usa Inc. The sapphire substrate technology is mainly lies in the hands of the Japanese companies, the cost is low, is currently on the market mainstream route; but poor sapphire wafer radiating, crystal vertical growth is difficult it is difficult to do large size, can't make the vertical structure of the device, the substrate is also more difficult to peel. The third route is China's own development of silicon substrate technology, which makes up for the lack of the top two technical routes.
          The silicon substrate technology, as the third LED chip manufacturing technology, has four advantages compared with the other two:
          Silicon material than sapphire and silicon carbide are cheap, and production efficiency more high, the cost is low, the LED chip cost significantly lower than that of the sapphire substrate chip; the second is the device with excellent performance, good antistatic performance of the chip, long service life, can withstand high current density; the third is the simple chip package technology, chip as the upper and lower electrodes, single lead vertical structure, in the device package, only single electrode wire, simplified packaging process at the same time, save package cost; the fourth is with independent intellectual property rights, the product can be sold to the international market, and is not restricted by international patents.
          There are industrial economists said that in the context of the continued decline in costs, the silicon substrate technology should be able to get the capital sought after, LED industry is expected to reshape the pattern.
           From the national strategic level, the silicon nitride based technology is China has independent intellectual property rights of technical route, to construct China's independent of the LED industry; from industry level, based on the advantages of silicon material is cheap and easy to obtain, silicon nitride based technology, the cooked IC production can drive from the device to the chip and package of the whole industry chain cost decrease. "Gan silicon technology should be the next step will be supported by relevant national policies to further support and support, which led the whole industry chain will have a huge impact, we very much look forward to the policy landing." Industry insiders say.
           According to another report, "silicon substrate with high light efficiency of GaN based blue light-emitting diode" 2015 National Technology Invention Award "and a number of such companies has taken the lead to start the layout.
"Silicon substrate with high light efficiency of GaN based blue light-emitting diodes," declared by the Jiangxi Province, the project of the main participants including Nanchang University Professor Yi Jiangfeng, crystal can photoelectric (Jiangxi) Co., Ltd. sun Qian et al.
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