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Helium has a "machine learning" function

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  • Release on :2016-10-26
     Shenzhen Risen OPTO Co.,Ltd,led RGB light supplier in china,led outdoor lighting suppliers,led lamp fixtures supplier.
     Smart light bulbs are already very common in automated home furnishings, and their advantage is that when you do not want to go before the switch, you can switch the lights through the phone.
     Of course, voice assistants, IFTTT, etc., can also be automated remote control mode, but obviously, people want to be more intelligent light bulbs, such as learn to think.
Take a look at this Helium light bulb, which presents a "machine learning" function, through the light bulb sensor itself, more powerful applications, intelligent lighting experience.
First of all, Helium can go into the dark room when you automatically light up. When you go to the table, it will be based on the current time, display the most suitable color temperature.

    If you usually sleep at 11 pm, the phone will pop up at 10.30 am to inform you that it will turn off at 11 am and will automatically light up when you wake up at 3 am and display the softest warmth Yellow light.

     As a variable color LED bulb, Helium can display 2000K to 8000K colors, through time, sensor and application computing mechanism, in the most suitable time display different brightness colors, to help you work better, sleep.
     In addition to integrated 802.11b / g / nWi-Fi and Bluetooth 4.0LE connectivity, Helium also integrates Li-Fi, which is based on the visible spectrum of the new wireless transmission technology, Helium is also a wireless extender to help you Remove the wireless dead at home.
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