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Halogen underground lamp are over one hundred degree and have risk of burns

  • Source:net
  • Release on :2016-07-05
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    Ground lamp in the end an unsafe, is not it will burn people? Reporter last night with thermometer, testing the various locations of light, found that the temperature of the LED lamp is generally not high, touch sensation, but no hot feeling, and halogen lamps temperature generally in more than 120 DEG C, the danger of scald.

    Insiders said that at present there are two floor lamp, a light LED lamp, a halogen lamp. The former work when the temperature is not high, the touch will not be burned. While the latter is lengthened with the lighting time, the surface temperature will rise.
Reporters yesterday selected Fuzhou wusilu universal Plaza, Wusi Road Wangfujing Department store and the lamp temperature testing, the discovery of a halogen lamp temperature more than 100 Celsius degrees, but uncommon unit owners have warning or protective measures, security risks exist.
    In the five four way round the World Plaza, the floor lamp is about 30 cm in diameter, the surface of the lamp protruding a few centimeters, there is no protective measures or warning language, passers-by easily touched. About 7 pm last night, although the lights on time and soon, but the temperature reached 138 degrees Celsius, close to the lamp glass, that is, there is a burning sensation.
     And located in the Hot Springs Park lamp. It is also a good place where people can reach, reporter tests show that, the temperature reached 14.68 DEG C.
     However, located in the Wangfujing department store at the entrance plaza of the lights, because it is LED to light, it is much safer. Department store for children's play area at the entrance, the child is also more. Square on the ground with a parallel to the ground, the diameter of about 15 cm, for the LED lights, the lights look at the past is not dazzling. The temperature measuring instrument is shown to be about 36.6 degrees Celsius, and it's just a little hot. In the reporter's test, and the little friends curious to touch.
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