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Halogen lamp ,xenon lamp and led light , which is good use for car

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  • Release on :2017-06-12
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In fact, from the major manufacturers to launch a new car can be seen, halogen = low with, xenon lamp = match, LED = high with, then, halogen really so bad? What is xenon and LED in the end?

1, halogen lamp
Halogen headlamps are a new generation of incandescent lamps, filled with brine iodine and other halogen elements or halide tungsten lamp. After power, the power of the tungsten wire to the incandescent state of light, electricity into heat, and then converted into light energy.


1, low cost, simple production. 2. Low color temperature, good penetration. 3, open fast. 4, encountered rain and fog weather, with the reflector better penetration,


High temperature, poor durability, low brightness.

2, xenon lamp

Xenon lamp (HID) works is the high pressure gas discharge lamp, the 12V voltage boost to 23000V ultra-high voltage, excited by the quartz tube filled with xenon to make it light, and then turn the voltage into 85V or so, stable and continuous supply The xenon bulb glows.

1. High brightness: generally three times the halogen lamp. 2. High color temperature: HID lamp can produce 4000-12000k color temperature light, near noon daylight color, human eye acceptance and comfort the highest. 3. Long life: a group of HID gas discharge lamp is about 3000 hours. 4. Power consumption: HID power is generally only 35W, while the general power of the lamp is generally 55 W. 5, significant grade, generally only equipped with high-end models in the night to improve the identity and face of the symbol.


1, high fever, will reach 300-400 degrees, the lamp is easy to be baked. 2, there will be delayed

3, LED lights
LED is Light Emitting Diode abbreviation, the Chinese name is - light-emitting diodes, PN junction. They are now often light boxes, signs and a variety of electrical indicators and the role of the backlight, but also often car taillights, high brake lights, an important part of the daytime running lights. The LED headlamps is the use of LED as a light source to create the lighting equipment.


1, long life: the current LED components used in the car can basically reach at least 50,000 hours. 2, good durability, not broken, impact resistance and seismic performance. 3, fast response. 4, high brightness.


Although has been declining, but the cost of LED is still high, so generally only appear in the high with models.

In fact, these three lights are also their strengths and weaknesses, but have to admit that, with the cost reduction, LED lights will likely become the mainstream of the future, LED life, high brightness for us Daily cars are very useful. The increasingly lonely halogen lamp, although now the status of a substantial decline, but the cost of cheap and easy to produce features, or let it become a lot of low with the preferred model with lights.

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