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Guzhen lighting prices in April index released light source series index strong performance

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  • Release on :2017-06-07
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    April 2017 town lighting price index issued a total of four data, the four index values ​​were 112.47 points, 106.17 points, 108.68 points and 108.35 points. April's overall performance is consistent with the expected, slightly lower at the beginning, but the potential pick up.

    April production and sales gradually into the normal, lighting manufacturers and merchants of the product order volume gradually stable, but overall, "open year out of stock" inertia still exists, coupled with the show is relatively concentrated, the release of the market to pick up the positive signal. Four series of indices in April than the average monthly performance of "three liters a drop." Among them, the light source series index ended last year's weak state, strong performance, the highest reported 103.68 points.

     Four series of indicators in April the average monthly "three liters down", specifically:
    The commercial lighting series averaged 96.93 points in April, up 0.59% from January.
    Lighting series April average of 114.68 points, down 4.10% compared with January;
Outdoor lighting series April average of 104.67 points, up 4.35% over January;
The light source series averaged 99.86 points in April, up 59.31% from January.

(1) commercial lighting series index ups and downs staggered.

    Commercial lighting series index in April was wavy, a rise or fall, the average monthly rate of 96.93 points, compared with January rose 0.59%, or not obvious. Commercial lighting products are rich in variety, subject to market supply and demand, material prices and product updates and other factors, in April all kinds of commercial real estate, public works, etc. have not yet fully into normal, commercial lighting purchases did not show signs of improvement. At the same time, due to the popularity of LED and has covered the commercial lighting more segments of the product area, its market share is also expanding, LED prices led to the decline in commercial lighting products as a whole adjustment.

(2) lighting series index Xianyihouyang.

    Lighting series index April trend is still showing "V" situation, Xianyihouyang, mid-month minimum reported 109.77 points, the average monthly number of 114.68 points, compared with January fell 4.10%. The impact of the domestic property market purchase order, the decline in real estate transactions, by its impact lighting series performance is more dull. In addition, the lighting series of enterprises generally go dealers channels, in April at home decoration off-season, so the dealer on the home lighting on the sidelines, but also caused the decline in the lighting series index is expected to fully clear the supply channels, the lighting products are highly competitive, the price Will continue to decline for some time, the lighting series will be vulnerable or slightly floating.

(3) outdoor lighting series index tired down.

    Outdoor lighting series index fell in April fell, the monthly report of 115.77 points, all the way down, closing at the end of 91.58 points, the average monthly rate of 104.67 points, the decline was more obvious. At present, the local government to carry out the construction work plan is not yet clear, municipal engineering is not properly put into construction, affecting the outdoor lighting market sales, analysis that in May a large number of key projects and municipal facilities will increase the rigid demand for outdoor lighting, Green lighting will continue to advocate LED street lighting market and intelligent street market Yang.

(4) light source series index smooth extension.

    Light series index in April trend in the volatility of the smooth extension of the monthly average of 99.86 points, the chain rose 59.31% in January, the performance of active. In the LED market growth process, the factory competition is fierce, product quality varies greatly, many small, micro manufacturers do not pay attention to product quality to join the price war, resulting in abnormal LED light source phenomenon, while seriously affecting the traditional light source sales, last year light source series Product price index all the way down. Now dealers and consumers pay more attention to product quality, LED market changes in the upgrade, LED light source prices return to rational. At the same time, in the case of raw material prices continue to surge, by its impact on the traditional light source also rebounded. Analysis, LED light source through continuous innovation and increasingly mature technical improvements in the market penetration continues to increase, will drive the light source products in the market share, I believe the light source series index in the next period of time will remain stable Row.

    Since the opening of the series in 2017 series of good performance, in response to changes in the trend of the times, lighting lighting companies are seeking transformation and upgrading of the road, innovative business model, lighting lighting market atmosphere is more active, indicating that lighting lighting market is not affected by pessimism The With the "supply side reform" and "one way along the" macro policy continued to promote, lighting lighting industry is still active expansion period, the industry competition is still fierce. May the major manufacturers will be put into tight production, then the product prices may bring weak volatility, the May general index is expected to rise slightly or flat.

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