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Good news: China's first large size 940nmVCSEL extension to achieve mass production

  • Author:Eunice
  • Source:net
  • Release on :2018-01-03
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      China's first independent intellectual property rights 4-inch 940nm vcsel vertical cavity surface emitting lasers have been successfully developed in the core production, and will be quickly sent to Taiwan and the mainland downstream manufacturers for streaming test. Since July 2016, China's first large 6-inch phemt epitaxy, the National independent Science and Technology team, composed of Professor Zeng Yiping and Dr. Yang, represents the all-round progress and technical strength of the product line of SMIC, which has achieved a faster breakthrough, Leading v Microelectronics optoelectronics large-scale epitaxial industry and world-class core technology synchronized into the era of intelligent technology.

      Recently, Apple released Iphone8, Iphonex adopted the VCSEL semiconductor laser technology, Vcsel has aroused widespread concern. Industry believes that Vcsel products into the apple industry chain is not only a major breakthrough in the business, but also the Vcsel technology as the representative of semiconductor laser technology in the consumer field of a major breakthrough, Vcsel laser will enter the iphone industry chain, optical devices will be from the industrial sector to the consumer sector.

     So what is a vcsel laser? vertical cavity surface emitting lasers (vertical-cavity surface-emitting laser, Vcsel, and vertical resonant cavity surface-emitting lasers) is a semiconductor laser whose laser beam is perpendicular to the top surface, The laser is different from the edge-shaped laser beam, which is made from the cutting independent chip.

      Vcsel, as a new generation of optical storage and optical communication applications of the core devices, for the internet demand and optical storage density of the continuous improvement of the provision of a novel approach. With the development of Vcsel and application requirements, Vcsel not only plays more and more important role in the fields of mobile phone and consumer electronics, Vcsel can also be used for face recognition, 3D sensing, gesture detection and VR (virtual reality)/ar (Augmented Reality)/MR (hybrid reality) and so on. Of course, Vcsel in the future can also be widely used in the internet of Things, 5G communications, RF components, ADAS (Advanced driving System) and so on.

      The field of optical communication benefits from the development of 40G and 100G communication technology, the market demand of Vcsel laser will continue to develop, but the future biggest market application will be smartphone field. It is expected that the 2017 smartphone vcsel laser demand in 60 million, 2018 will rapidly increase to 120 million, 2014 will reach 240 million, basically keep doubling every year, far more than 50 million of the optical communication needs. In the field of optical communication, the application of Vcsel lasers has become a trend, but currently has the ability to launch commercial products, that is, light Xun technology. 5G and the rapid development of the Internet of things, resulting in the explosion of traffic data, the demand for high speed low-power devices is increasing.

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