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Global LED Indoor Commercial Lighting Market Will Reach USD 15.87 Billion in 2018, Says LEDinside

  • Author:Justin
  • Release on :2018-05-24
According to the latest report from LEDinside, a division of the market research firm TrendForce, 2018 Commercial Lighting, Smart Lighting and Panel Light Market Report, the global LED indoor commercial lighting market will reach USD 15.87 billion in 2018, accounting for 42% of the global LED lighting production value, moreover, the global LED commercial lighting is estimated to achieve CAGR of 3% during 2018-2021, growing slower than previous years, mainly resulting from the price decrease of LED lighting products and the reduction in market installation.

According to LEDinside, the top ten commercial lighting manufacturers contain Philips Lighting, Acuity Brands, Panasonic, LEDVANCE, Eaton Lighting, Toshiba, NVC, Fagerhult, YANKON and Hubbell.

Commercial intelligent lighting will takes up 33.5% of the global intelligent lighting market scale in 2018, reaching USD 2.53 billion. Digitalization can bring more new business models and value growth opportunities, therefore commercial lighting is the largest application of intelligent lighting at present, It is expected that the global intelligent lighting market will keep growing in next few years, reaching USD 13.4 billion by 2020.

Panel Lighting Market Trend: In the European and the US markets, 600*600mm is the most common speciation, mostly with dimming function. warm white, and generally with service life of more than 40,000-5,000 hours. In addition, Japanese panel lights have high light quality, developing toward smart lighting to realize remote control, also focusing on incorporating local culture into products to meet the market needs better, which lead to more flexible product sizes, largely represented by Panasonic.

LEDinside Silver Member Report- 2Q18 Commercial Lighting, Smart Lighting and Panel Light Market

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