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German manufacturers work together to develop a new type of automotive headlamps LED system

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  • Release on :2016-10-17
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    Drivers often need to switch lights. The need for high-speed lights on the highway; in urban low-speed driving on both sides of the shade or sidewalks require a broader lateral light; fog when switching to fog lights; rural lack of street lights need appropriate lighting; own vehicles and Change the distance between the car to change the light. If these handovers occur automatically, they do not feel dazzling when driving, and increase the visibility of their own driving, which is bound to increase road safety, in particular, to reduce night-time accidents.

     The project, funded by the German Federal Ministry for Education and Research (BMBF), aims to address these issues. The project is led by LED maker OSRAM Licht AG, German carmaker Daimler AG, Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft, Germany's most prestigious scientific research institute, Electronics (HELLAKGaAHueck & Co.) And the German chip maker Infineon (Infineon Technologies AG) and other each provide a unique contribution.

     The new LED headlamp features many years of research and development, this project through the road test and production levels. Successful creation of intelligent, high-resolution adaptive headlights (Adaptive Forward Lighting).

     According to the information, two headlamps each have three LED light source, each LED light source with 1,024 controllable light point (LightPoint), that is, pixels (Pixel). Smart headlights are designed to work seamlessly with traffic conditions and weather conditions, and do not irritate the eyes in the opposite direction, as vehicle sensors continue to assist in the analysis of vehicle traffic.

Comparison of the New Generation of LED Headlamps

     Adaptive headlight is currently available in the market by several LED components side by side and stacked up. The current design requires additional electronic components to switch the lights on and off. Because of the limited space in the headlamp area, this design results in an inability to increase the number of LED elements, while also taking into account the heat dissipation efficiency.

     In contrast, the new design is a new and efficient chip responsible for starting the LED. As a result, although in limited headlight space, but can achieve a higher resolution, which is more accurate, more intelligent car lighting. In addition, OSRAM special lighting LED module developed, the electrical interface and thermal interface can be directly connected to the vehicle's electronic systems, and more efficient than the traditional way, can be said to be a major breakthrough.
     Secondly, in the case of different lighting conditions smooth transition, for example, high beam, low beam switch, completely without mechanical actuators (Mechanical Actuator), only the electronic system operation. "We want to continue to develop this new high-resolution LED light source for serial production," said Stefan Kampmann, technical director at OSRAM. "This LED product has a great potential for automotive headlamps."
The above is the German production of major league LED automotive headlamp system prototype products, the former is light state, which is off the light state.
    LED inside pointed out that the new control chip is also the same as the German manufacturer Infineon to build their team and the Fraunhofer Institute, Osram, and Mercedes-Benz, Mercedes-AMG, smart and other well-known brands of German depot Müller, to create the future of the European market to meet the needs and regulations of the new LED automotive headlamp system, the industry's inspiration and follow-up effect will be very positive.

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