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From the source to enhance the quality of LED products

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  • Release on :2017-06-27
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To improve the quality and reliability of LED products, and better serve the LED industry, Guangdong Province, small and medium enterprises in the public technical service demonstration platform in the LED products and engineering small and medium enterprises public technical service platform, relying on the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology Institute of Electronics Fifth , From LED devices to LED modules, from LED modules to LED machines and systems, from product development to scraping the entire life cycle, from safety to EMC to performance and energy saving, from environmental adaptability to reliability and life analysis, from the experiment Room performance evaluation to demonstration road or demonstration project quality assurance and other aspects of small and medium enterprises to provide "one-stop" services.
Testing and certification, comprehensive service to protect product quality. Platform for LED lighting and display production enterprises to provide security testing, performance testing, electromagnetic compatibility testing, reliability testing, environmental adaptability testing test commissioned by the project. (CCC), energy-saving certification (CQC), energy efficiency labeling, energy star and CE certification, etc., each year hundreds of production enterprises issued thousands of test reports And certificate. Platform for a large number of small and medium enterprises, has accumulated a wealth of technical experience, the status of LED small and medium enterprises and technical services to understand the needs of thorough, and continue to expand the scope of laboratory testing and analysis to meet the national LED product development needs.
Tracing the source, design improvement to improve product quality. For the LED product quality problems frequent customers, the platform is not only to provide after the detection service, but through the field of technical diagnosis, including interviews with enterprises responsible for R & D management and implementation, quality assurance, test evaluation, fault analysis of the relevant personnel, access to research and development Standardize the form of documents and materials to explore the enterprise in the development, evaluation, process, material management in the improvement of the point, from the source to find product quality problems, to improve the program to technological innovation to promote product quality and enhance the core competitiveness of enterprises force. The platform also through a large number of quality and reliability to adjust the overall implementation of the solution to enhance the use of results-based, problem-oriented way for the majority of LED small and medium enterprises product reliability design and management, testing and evaluation, failure and analysis of the three major technologies Areas to build advanced, scientific technical specifications, saving business development costs, so as to help enterprises to achieve faster and better development.
In the new economic normal, the consumer more and more rational, companies want to strive for more competitive advantage, hold the customer and the market, we must find ways to win a place in the upper reaches of the industry chain. Enterprises only from the low-end to high-end transformation, to win the quality in order to be competitive in the international market, while creating China's national brand.

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