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From the "leading" to "giant" of the three optoelectronics

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  • Release on :2017-06-27
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Said LED chip, you have to mention three optoelectronics. In recent years, San'an photoelectric production capacity has become increasingly large, in the scale of expansion, the company has firmly occupy the industry leading position. According to San An Optoelectronics announced the first quarter earnings, compared to Career, crystal turn losses, San An Optoelectronics benefit from the expansion of production scale, LED chips and automotive light production rose sharply incentives, single-season revenue by 68.9% Amounted to RMB1,989 million.
At present, San'an Optoelectronics is China's domestic LED chip market accounted for the highest leading enterprises, LED chip business accounted for 90% of the company's business. According to industry research, San An Optoelectronics currently has 376 sets of MOCVD equipment, LED chip shipments ranked first in the domestic market, the world's top three, gross margin significantly better than other peers, the company has absolute size and technological advantages, LED industry reshuffle and integration process the biggest beneficiaries. LED chip industry boom from the 2016Q3 reversal, the company 2016Q4 single-quarter gross margin reached 50.1% (41.6%), close to the best level of the company's history. 2017 Q1 gross margin 43.2%, operating profit up 130.7% year on year, to a new high in 2011
From the current earnings have been reported at home and abroad manufacturers include Osram, Career and crystal point of view, to 1 to March this year, the number of comparison, San An Optoelectronics is currently inferior to Osram; Career, crystal power, respectively, due to intense competition and Sink damage, both turn losses.
Compared to peers, San An Optoelectronics has several major advantages: First, unparalleled scale effect, the second is the level of LED chip technology to reach the international leader, the third is the upstream chip industry chain supporting the completion of the company to seize the chip prices to achieve market performance The rapid growth. Moreover, the compound semiconductor business is expected to bear fruit this year, is expected to become 5G chip field of foundry king.
Throughout the LED chip as a whole, due to the current market demand for LED chips growing, short-term market prices will be relatively stable. However, with the new capacity will be released from the second half of the large, originally in the second half of 2016 LED market order stable situation, there may be another challenge, and it is possible to restart a wave of price competition.

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