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From Apple's new machine named iPhone 6SE is the fastest at the end of August debut

  • Source:net
  • Release on :2016-07-27
      Rumored new love crazy will in September the moon phase, there is news that this love crazy revision rate is too small, not called iPhone7, named "iPhone 6SE", also is combined with the name and iPhoneSE iphone6s, on behalf of love crazy revision cycle extended from two years to three years.
      AppleInsider, TechInsider reported that the German Apple website (see this) 25, quoted Chinese sources said, Apple has begun to produce a new love crazy outer packaging box, the name is iPhone6SE". But did not include pictures of authenticity to be verified.
      If this rumor is true, it means that the new love crazy name combines the flagship iPhone6s and SE iPhone entry, for the continuation of the iPhone6 series. Apple practices is every two years a major revision, the middle small revision in the S series named, but reportedly, this year's new love crazy iphone6, iphone6s series of little difference with the display revision cycle from two years extended to three years.
      It is understood that in 2017 love crazy will have a new design, to adopt all glass casing and OLED display, which appears, next year, the new machine is in line with the major revision of the traditional, named iPhone7 may be more appropriate.
But these are speculation, how Apple decided to September 12th when the week may see the outcome.
     The new iPhone debut, selling time rumors outflow, probably the fastest at the end of August debut, went on sale in September 16th.
      Japanese Apple information website gori.me24 reported on, broke the God Evan Blass23 on twitter revealed that apple iPhone7 will in September the 3 week (September 12 when the week) debut; after Evan Blass additional broke the news, the date of 9 December when the week) refers to not iPhone7 hair table of time, but in the channel officially on sale of time, more specific point said, iPhone7 sale date in September 16 (Friday).
       Japan's aggregate information website gadget nowcasts reported 23, Deutsche Bank AG announced the iPhone7 series specifications related to the investigation report. Deutsche Bank pointed out that after investigation to Apple's supply chain that special features iPhone7 series of iPhone 7 plus an excellent zoom function of double lens module and 3gbram; iPhone7 equipped with optical anti hand tremor (OIS; the current iPhone 6S did not have this feature, only the iPhone 6S plus a) and upgraded version of the image sensor; enhance the quality, may support stereo.
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